Check out the police woman looking on and laughing.

Just disgusting. This is a big problem. Ingrained ignorance. This ignorant woman thinks they are doing the right thing!

Is there any wonder people hate the police when this is how they behave?

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It’s wonderful to see more activism going on in the UK.  It is pretty obvious that the world is not going to sit on its arse whilst the US relegalises cannabis. Cannabis prohibition is cruel and downright uneconomical.

CISTA – what a fantastic acronym, stands for Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol – which it is, according to Barack Obama.

And according to a DEA judge, eating 10 raw potatoes is more dangerous than cannabis. So beware.

Facts that our politicians don’t want to face up to – the fat old men that run the UK keep their heads firmly buried in the sand all of the time. None of them have any kind of bollocks or serious leadership qualities.

As the rest of the world begins long overdue reform the UK is starting to look like an old fashioned shambles that doesn’t belong in the modern world. Hopefully CISTA can help to stop this by bringing the issue to the forefront and forcing some long overdue discussion.  You never know.  They say:

“CISTA is a new political party. In the General Election we will campaign for a Royal Commission to review the UK’s drug laws relating to cannabis. CISTA is for harm reduction. Join us today. Stand in May.”

There’s a write up in Vice, The Independent and the Guardian.

Good luck guys.

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I got one of the first Arizer Solos, and must say that I have been very happy indeed with it.  Over a period of years.  There are drawbacks, of course, as with anything – however Arizer have created pretty much the perfect portable, in my opinion. This was my initial review in 2012.

It’s worth noting that they have just released the new Arizer Air which looks like a space-age version of the Solo that has got even smaller.

I own an Extreme Q vape and a few other portables so I have alternatives to compare the Solo to. It beats the arse off every other portable I have tried when it comes to taste and big clouds. Nothing touches it that I have tried – so far.

The glass tubes make for a taste sensation, this feature sets the solo ahead of the competition, but it also presents a slight problem if you are prone to dropping things – broken tubes.  Breaking the tube of course totally shuts down the solo – unless you have a spare.  So spares are just essential. If you think you wont break any think again. It happens to everybody at some point, and it does not make for a fun day if a replacement is far away.

The other slight downside with the solo is that it cannot be used whilst it is charging (something that has been addressed with the Air) however you do get many uses from one charge, and the battery does last well.

There are no other downsides. The solo heats up fast and does not let you down, ever.  It fits in a big pocket, and is subtle in design. It looks sexy, and it delivers the goods. These things have made the solo a cult vape already with a huge following of happy users all over the planet. I know several people who are not even going to look at the new Air because they love their Solo so much.

In use, it takes a little getting used to initially as there is a very slight resistance in the airflow when you suck on the pipe. This I have heard has been adjusted slightly on later models. Anyway you get used to it fast and then it becomes easy to do huge hits producing large clouds of vapor. Time after time. Just make sure you have spare pipes or you will be kicking yourself I guarantee.

The unit does make a slight smell in use which obviously varies slightly on the type of weed that you are heating, and temperature setting used.  It’s not a big deal really though.

So all in all a huge thumbs up for this vape. It has proven itself over a period of years to be an extremely reliable piece of kit.  Many describe the Solo as having changed their lives and I think I can see why.

What do you think? Did it change your life?

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People waiting in line to buy legal cannabis from a shop

Hash houses were common in the US in the late 1800’s and most major cities had one – where like minded folk could get together to socialise and toke. They were not advertised as such, and were semi-secret.  It wasn’t until 1910 that the dark shadow of cannabis prohibition began to spread around the world. Of all places, it started in California.

The war on cannabis has lasted just over 100 years. This is the beginning of its’ death. And not a moment too soon, the plant has always been linked to us.

In a rare and beautiful example of democracy actually working for the people, Colorado and Washington states legalized the sale of cannabis for recreational purposes.  55% of Coloradans voted for ‘Amendement 64‘ allowing them to legally possess up to one ounce of cannabis or to give an ounce to somebody else. It also allowed recreational sales of cannabis to residents and non residents of Colorado (although non residents are limited to a quarter ounce).  The weed shops can’t be within 1000 feet of schools.

37 stores previously only selling medical marijuana flung their doors open to en eager general public. Denver has 18 of them. Smoking weed in public has not been legalized, however and people are also allowed to grow up to 6 plants at home.

The Gallup polls have never reflected such a high percentage of Americans in favour of legalizing cannabis. There has been a 10% surge in the last year, something undoubtedly affected by the miracle cannabis stories coming out of the US – from Rick Simpson to Charlotte Figi. People want this. This chart below from the Washington Post shows the changing opinions of men, women, republicans and conservatives over the years.


Chart from the Washington Post.

These legalization actions have even been endorsed by Obama who recently declared cannabis to be safer than alcohol. Something most of use have known for a long time. Nevertheless it’s nice for Obama to acknowledge this and in doing so set off a worldwide tidal wave of cannabis legalization and decriminalization.  Something many thought we would never see in our lives. He then went on to clarify what he was taking about in a TV interview. Saying:

“The incarceration model that we have taken does not seem to have had the desired effect particularly around marijuana”

Possibly the biggest understatement of the decade.

Unfortunatley, though, Obama’s just can’t get the feds to budge who despite all recent actions, remain like a broken record, with their cannabis is a dangerous drug song, despite a DEA judge stating that 10 potatoes are more dangerous.

There’s nothing like doing proper research and CNN reporter Randi Kaye turned heads when she appeared to actually get stoned during her reporting of people getting stoned. Who would have thought it.

But not that much happened. The purported 37 deaths tuned out to be a hoax – of course. Some idiots believed it though.

Long relaxed lines formed. People bought weed then went home. Nobody died or got beaten up. There was no trouble at all, pizza outlets rejoiced and chocolate sales rocketed. Over a million dollars worth of cannabis was sold in one day!  Some people happily waited for over three hours to get served. Others drove all night from out of state to enjoy the historic moment.

Recreational Marijuana Begins In Colorado

The first legal recreational marijuana purchase in Colorado (Theo Stroomer/Getty Images)

The impact of this has not been small.  Tourism is up in Colorado, their unemployment rate is below the national average and university applications have increased.

One shop sold three months supply of edibles in three days. Lots of money changed hands – and lots of taxes were generated. It is now estimated that in Colorado alone, legal weed could generate over $117,000,000 in taxes each year.

Alaska and Oregon have followed suit. And Washington DC recently voted to allow recreational cannabis.

California may not follow until 2016 –   At this rate, cannabis could be totally legal throughout most of the US by 2017.

The medical implications have also been huge, like the finances. People around the US are hearing the incredible stories about the healing properties of cannabis extracts, particularly for children. Hundreds of  families are actually relocating to Colorado so they can help their children.  Sanjay Gupta’s documentary has without doubt been instrumental in getting the word out about medical cannabis.

“We’re doing things here that aren’t happening anywhere on the globe. It opens a whole new world of living to them.”

Says Margaret Gedde of the Clinical Institute for Cannabis Medicicen.

But what to do with all this money?  The Obama administration recently issued guidelines to banks about how to deal with marijuana businesses but as you could imagine banks are less than enthusiastic given the illegality of cannabis on a federal level.  Some have started to deal with weed, however.

This is the beginning of a huge shift in policy – just like the end of alcohol prohibition in 1933.  Chile now has its own cannabis TV channel, Geneva are discussing full legalization, Jamaica are creating new laws – even the Italian army are starting a grow. And then there’s Uruguay.

Economics drive our societies – in pretty much every way. Weed is a huge part of every economy so ultimately cannot be ignored, especially in times of  economic hardship.  Even in the UK.

The governor of Colorado has been warning other states – saying this is an experiment. He’s wrong.  The experiment, which has failed, has been cannabis prohibition.

Welcome to the future.

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2014 Cannabis Stats Infographic

by dope smoker on January 5, 2015

Thanks to Brandon from Whaxy for sending over this summary of recent US weed related stats on crime and taxes. Take note, UK politicians.


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Sweet Seeds Bloody Skunk Pics

December 16, 2014

Here’s some pics of Sweets Seeds Bloody Skunk. I have been growing these out on the terrace here in southern Spain, one is still growing now, no problem with temps as low as 5/6 celsius at night. Yield was not huge, looks like it will be an interesting smoke when the cure is over though. […]

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Joint Doctor’s Purple Ryder – Outdoor grow pics

October 20, 2014

Grown in a coco hempy bucket. Seeds available from Seedsman. Hanging now Looking forward to this one.

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Magnum – finally autoflowering cannabis worth growing

August 13, 2014

Something needs to be said about these things. I have been growing autos outside now for five years. I have tried a lot of brands. Dinafem, Lowryder, Flash Seeds and others. All have been OK but just that. Yield has always been a disappointment, despite pictures of other people taking ounces off similar plants. But […]

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How to make cannabis infused liquid glycerine for your vape

July 9, 2014

If you have a vaporizer that works with liquids, or just want to know how to make a glycerine tincture then check out this excellent video which explains how to properly infuse glycerine with cannabis. Note this comment from the original poster of the video: “Please note i made a silly error when creating the […]

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Grow Northern LED Light Review

June 20, 2014

I’ve had the Grow Northern MS006 LED for a while now, and have been really pleased with performance so far. I’ve grown out a couple of strains on it (this is the unit that runs at around 180 watts – almost nothing) and have not noticed a real difference between this unit and a 400 […]

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