The Highest Yielding Strains for Indoor Growers

by dope smoker on February 22, 2018

Nowadays, strains like Blue Dream and Sour Diesel are among the most abundant in many US dispensaries. And I’ve always wondered, why these strains? Yes, they are tasty, but so are many others. The answer: high yield and availability.  Blue Dream and Sour Diesel were once the highest yielding strains that were also easy to cultivate, making them the most popular (and least expensive) on the market. But, digging deeper, I found that the popular dispensary strains aren’t necessarily the highest yielding anymore.

Strains like Super Silver Haze, White Widow, Grand Daddy Purple and Northern Lights kept topping the lists, but in 2018, we now have some of the most revered cultivators who have perfected the delicate balance of growing cannabis. They have created a whole array of hybrid strains that incorporate some of the best qualities from their parents which bring us even higher yielding strains. For example, lists of high-yielding strains that were published in 2015 were names like Big Bud and Northern Lights as the top two.

Now, Northern Lights didn’t even make the list, though it is a parent of number one and four, and Big Bud has dropped from number one to number five.

Just to make it perfectly clear, there are many other strains that yield in the same range. Here, I focused on some of the more common strains and provided a variety to appeal to different types of growers.

  1. Top Choice: Super Lemon Haze, 800g

With a maximum yield of 800g/m2, Super Lemon Haze is a sure win-win. A combo of Haze, Skunk and Northern Lights, this citrus-sticky is an audience favorite because it is easy to smoke and easy to grow. With the highest yield and an easy level of cultivation, Super Lemon Haze is easily the top pick of LIWTS.

  1. Redefining The Empowered Female: White Widow Skunk, 700g

White Widow Skunk comes in second with a yield of 700g/m2 – an elevated version of the White Widow strain which yields around 600g/m2. This widow is the least bit lonely because she is well sought out by growers and producing tons of baby (or huge) sticky white nugs.

  1. Easy For Anyone: Cookies Kush, 650g

Cookies is a name you will hear quite often, especially because of its infamous GSC strain – the one that caused a lawsuit with a young ladies’ club that sold a product with the same name. Cookies Kush takes the best of both the strains Cookies and Kush – hence the name – and elevated the once highly-revered yielding strain Kush to a new potential. This strain is great for beginners but only yields high for experienced growers.

  1. The Challenge: Nevilles, 650g

Nevilles is one I hadn’t heard of before, but upon researching, I found it is a unique blend of Haze and Northern Lights, two original high-yielding strains. The hybrid technique or well-bred seeds seems to greatly increase production. This plant has a desirable makeup with its two delightful parents but tends to be a fussy plant to deal with. This one is recommended for experienced growers only.

  1. The Original: Big Bud, 650g

This gal has kept steady in the ranks for some years now. Big Bud has made a name for itself being one of the highest yielding strains known in the biz for some time. With the ever-growing cultivation industry, Big Bud has been out run by a few others but still remains on our top list – well, because it is one of the originals and an easy strain to grow. Some growers boast a 650g yield with hydroponics, but on average, for a decent grow, expect nothing higher than 600g. If you are the hydro interested, then this would be the best pick for you as it is well suited for the method (plus, of course, the high yield).

The Runner-Up

6. Narco Purple Auto, 600g

Here’s one more – for all of you autoflowering fanatics. The Narco Purple Auto, a hybrid of Narco Kush Auto, Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, has the highest yielding of its autoflowering kind not to mention it is an easy grow for beginners. Why? Because it will autoflower, meaning it will reach a vegetative state automatically – which means less work for you as the grower – and has a faster harvesting time of 9 weeks. Narco Purps also scores bonus points for being resilient to mold and pests. This one might be the hardest grow to mess up – good news for newbies!

by Annie Loupy of


How much money can you make growing weed?

by dope smoker on February 7, 2018

cannabis flowering

Growing weed is lucrative, as you may already know. But just how lucrative?

How much money can you for instance make with a spare room? Remember some UK police forces have pretty much claimed they are no longer pursuing small scale cannabis growers. There are even cannabis clubs operating with the agreement of progressive thinking local police.

A program on the BBC ‘hash in the attic‘ revealed all. This is quite an old program now so you can probably add a little to the projected income figures.

You could have 3 or 4 plants in a wardrobe, generating £2-300 every 3 or 4 months.

Using a spare room you can generate £10-15k ($16-24k) ever year.

You could generate 1 kilo every ten weeks, selling a little to friends (that’s what the program said!)

If you used a whole house you could have 5 crops per year at around £15k per crop – adding up to a pretty massive £70k ($116k) per year.

Industrial operations can easily make £400k ($663k) per year. That would be generating 30-50 kilos per crop. Each crop could be worth around £120k.

Another interesting fact the program brought up was that 1900 cannabis plants can make a huge £500k ($829k) every eight weeks!

And it’s so easy to buy your own cannabis seeds! Maybe they are trying to tell us something.



Aromatherapy has been used for ages to reduce the symptoms of many diseases. It’s safe and gentle.

And even though many of us associate it with our grandmothers’ methods, the experience of many generations have shown that there are very few methods of alternative healing or relaxation that work as effectively as aromatherapy.

Thanks to vaporization, aromatherapy has become even healthier, more discreet and economical, Let’s have a look at vaporizers – how they work and why you should have one.

Aromatherapy is a simple and inexpensive way to improve your mood and wellbeing. Many people who use this type of phytotherapy note significant benefits to their health. In the last few years, the market started offering devices that let you enjoy the benefits of the herbs to a much larger extent, whether it’s for medical or recreational purposes. Those devices are called vaporizers and their efficiency cannot be compared to any other method of enjoying herbs. Traditional smoking, infusions or tinctures will never match the experience of vaporizing herbs.

Vaporizer – how to use it?

When you vaporize herbs, all their active substances get released into the vapor. However, the organic material doesn’t get burnt. This means that there is no smoke, no tar substances or ash. All these benefits translate into huge savings – due to the herbs not being burnt, vaporization is much more economical than smoking, especially if you use the leftovers from vaporization as an ingredient in your home cooking. Since the herbs don’t get burnt, the flavor of the mix stays the same. The vapor you get is mild, pleasant and doesn’t irritate the throat.

“This method of aromatherapy is very comfortable. The devices come in various sizes so you can also use the device when you travel or go for a walk. Small vaporizers fit into your bag or a backpack. Desktop vaporizers are larger but they guarantee more power and efficiency” – says Ryszard Fazowski from The people around you are not able to notice the aroma of the herbs, which is not the case when you smoke. Not all your housemates feel like inhaling the intense smoke. Luckily, with vaporization you can forget about this problem. You inhale the vapor through a mouthpiece (portable vaporizers) or a tube or a balloon (desktop vaporizers).

Vaporization for medical and recreational purposes

Vaporization lets you rediscover herbs. You can use various blends to reduce the symptoms of numerous diseases. A vaporizer will help those who suffer from migraines, have cough attacks or asthma.

More advanced users like experimenting with various blends for vaporizing and they make their own mixes of a unique flavor and strength. What types of herbs can you vaporize? Chamomile, hop, thyme, peppermint, Icelandic moss, plantago lanceolata, valerian or lemon balm are just some examples that can be used for vaporization.

The experiments that involve vaporization of herbs can be great fun and there are more and more people who want to try this experience. Vaporization is great for reducing stress. Competitions and shows in which vaping fans try to make the biggest possible cloud have become really popular at house parties. The best devices for it are the ones that generate think and intense vapor that resembles smoke from traditional smoking.

Phytotherapy is gaining a new life thanks to vaporization. Young people who use vaporizers have stopped stuffing their bodies with toxic tar substances and reach for natural herbs. This way they enjoy all the advantages of aromatherapy in order to improve their health and wellbeing.



Here’s how a busy London housewife with no previous growing experience grew over 3 ounces of premium cannabis in her back garden.

Carmella is a 42 year old mother that works a busy events job in town and leads a hectic social life.

She loves a smoke but finds much London weed too strong, expensive and random, with dealers not always being the most reliable of people.

Carmella got in touch and a few emails later she began to grow.

After an investment of 75 days and £45 she was looking at 3 ounces of fragrant top quality bud which would have cost her £750. People at Glastonbury bothered her for it.

You too can:

  • Grow ounces of quality bud outdoors
  • Do this organically, without using chemicals or special equipment
  • Harvest a product with high monetary value
  • Say goodbye to your dealer

Using these step by step instructions you, like Carmella can grow amazing weed in your garden with ease.

Autoflowers have come on in leaps and bounds and over 5 years of development has delivered some outstanding varieties – so much so that some people only grow autos. Times have changed and now a total beginner can grow outstanding cannabis with little effort by following these simple steps.

Autoflowering cannabis or ‘Autos’ don’t require any special light conditions, they just flower a certain number of days following germination, regardless of light changes and normally in 70-80 days.

Step 1 – Carefully choose your location


Autos need as much sun as you can give to them. Choose your growing space wisely. Remember it is quite normal for people to use poly tunnels and coverings for plants anyway – if you are worried about the appearance of the plants from a distance you can mix them up with other plants, or covering them with a mesh cage or semi transparent cover of some sort can also help to make plant identification difficult from a distance.

Watch the area at different times and try to find somewhere that gets plenty of morning light if possible – the more the better. And bear in mind that the sun will get higher in the sky as summer goes on change the direction of light slightly.

If you have pets you may need to restrict access to the plants, cats have been known to trash seedlings by digging into soil and dogs can be clumsy with their tails.

In the UK I would recommend starting your grow in late May or June.

Step 2 – Choose and order your seeds

I knew that Carmella wanted something with an uplifting (not sleepy) effect that was easy to grow so this was a simple choice for her. The Magnum from Buddha Seeds. I have come across other excellent autoflowering plants on my travels however so also include here ones that I would definitely grow again, which I know yield well.

There are a huge choices of autoflowering seeds on the market – it all depends what kind of effect you’re looking for as to what you grow – but some autos are in a different league.

Here are some recommendations based on my experience. (I link to a seed shop called The Vault, where appropriate) which I can confirm are reliable and discreet UK seed bank you can rely on. I have personally used them many times without problem.

Magnum Auto

From Buddha Seeds. This has not disappointed anybody I know and is often found in my garden. It’s a wonderfully reliable plant with an energising creative buzz that will have you tidying up or going for a walk with joyous happiness.

It is also a strong effect – you get so wrapped up in what you are doing that time does pass before you realise you could perhaps have some more of that lovely stuff! So this is really good value and easy to get 1-2 ounces from one plant.

Easy to grow and not a heavy feeding plant. Loves the molasses I found. Also not particularly smelly, except sometimes in drying. A real gem. This is what Carmella grew and loved.  Buy here.

Dinafem Cheese XXL Autoflowering

Dinafem lead the autoflowering market in many ways – their latest Cheese XXL is an exemplary plant. A really good yielder for an auto and the weed itself is excellent. Many really very large flowers in 70-80 days. If you’re after something a bit stronger you can’t go wrong with this. Great for beginners, will not disappoint you.

Easy to grow and a very stoned psychedelic effect which benefits from a decent cure (see curing below). Dinafem are very reliable seeds – they pretty much always germinate and this is a completely decent cheese for an auto. Buy here.

Jack 47 Autoflowering

Jack 47 is really something extraordinary when it comes to yield and speed. The reason to grow this plant is for its very large production.

Within 60 days a huge plant emerges with ounces of extremely sticky bud. I would say it’s totally commercially viable sticky stuff but the high wasn’t totally blowing. I would grow it again. I’m sure a lot of people will love it. It does the job.  Buy here.

Barneys Pineapple Express

This plant made quite an impression and was filed under extreme stealth with fantastic high. It does not get big it’s a very squat plant but that might be just what you need.

None of them got bigger than 2ft and each plan produced some really nice uplifting yet heavy hitting weed. You’ll get around an ounce or more each plant without trying too hard. Really nice stuff.  Buy here.

Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies

This variety apparently uses original Girl Scout Cookies cuttings and I have to say I found the high to be one of the most cosmic mind bending indica highs I have ever experienced. The plant grows differently to other autos I have  grown and ends up pretty big in the end. Really strong indica hit, basically. Don’t make plans if you are going to smoke this. Fun, super tasty stuff that I would definitely grow again. Buy here.

Step 2 – Get your pots

smartpot Smart pots grow healthier plants


Felt or fabric pots are great I like to use 60litre dirt pots. Anything more is overkill and even this may be a bit much for an auto – some might say. I like the results. You could get away with less. Using felt pots gives you the best possible plant by preventing root circling and allowing good drainage of the soil which is essential for growing any cannabis. Many people have good results with the taller airpots – it depends on your local climate to some extent but I prefer the smart pot type pot.

When using felt pots I tend to put them on top of something for drainage and so that the roots are not in direct contact with a concrete floor, where the plant will lose heat into the concrete.

Step 3 – Get some soil


Autoflowering plants don’t need huge amounts of feeding – but they can be fed and some need more feeding than others. If you buy decent quality potting soil that will get you a fair way along the plant’s growth cycle and in some autos cases will be all they need.

Fill your pots up with your chosen soil but do not pack it down. Plant Magic soil is highly recommended in the UK as well as Biobizz Allmix and John Innes No 2. In the US Roots Organic is very well regarded.

I also like to add around 25% perlite to my soil. Please bear in mind that perlite can be very difficult to work with, and the dust it produces is poisonous to humans. Be really careful when you wrinse the stuff out, which is essential before mixing it well into your soil. This provides extra air and drainage to the soil. Some auto breeders (Dinafem) also recommend adding 30% coco to your mix, which also adds an extra something to the soil, but is certainly not essential.

Step 4 – Drench soil and plant seeds

Root Trainers help to build up a thicker root system Root Trainers help to build up a thicker root system


Some make a bid deal about planting seeds, I like to go for the simple, ‘like in nature’ method. Having totally drenched my soil and let it drain for a while I just throw my seed onto the soil. I then make a small hole 5-6mm deep next to the seed with some kind of small pokey thing (like a match or small twig) and gently push the seed into the hole with the match. Carefully cover the hole and then leave, making sure birds or other animals can’t access the planting area. Give the area where the seed is a good spray with water every other day. That is all you need to do to get things going.

For protection you can rig up a piece of mesh or a small plastic cup. Birds tend to lose interest after the plants first couple of weeks growth but rabbits can also be a pest.

After 4 – 7 days you should see life poking through. You can then start watering VERY gently every other day but never directly onto the new seedling, let its area get wet by watering around it so you aren’t dumping loads of water directly on top of the new plant.

Autos don’t generally like repotting so should always be started in their final container. At least this is the way I used to do it and would still recommend it for people wanting a simple method.

Now I tend to use ‘root trainers’ shown above.  Using these you can let the plant grow for the first 3/4 weeks in the root trainer and then easily replant it once it has grown a substantial root mass. The root trainers force the plant to send out extra roots as they have a hole in the bottom, this makes the plant grow a more robust root system.

Adding in some mycorrhizal fungi directly to the roots  having sprayed them with water during replanting can give the plant a massive boost leading to a much healthier root system. Also put some of the fungi in the potting hole so that the roots grow into it.

Step 5 – Water your plants – carefully and not too often.

Seeds need a lot of water in their very first few days of life but after that the soil needs to go through the cycle of drying out a bit before you water it again.

Don’t water every day. Try to get a feel for when the plant needs watering again yourself. If you carefully pick up the pot and it feels noticeable lighter then it is time for you to add some water.  If the plant is visibly wilting it needs water.

Don’t go crazy with the water at the beginning. While the plant has a smaller root structure its easier to overwhelm it with water, but once the plant is 3-4 weeks old you can really drench the whole pot without any worry. Be aware your watering can make a hole in the soil. Covering the top of the soil with rocks or small stones can allow you to be a little less careful with your watering once the plant is established.

Step 6 – Feeding

Feed autos nothing but pure water for the first 2 weeks. Always.

If you can leave your water out in the open air to stand for a day or two first, all the better.

After this 2 weeks you can carry on with no extras without problems – however I like to add molasses once a week (half a table spoon of black strap molasses dissolved in a cup of boiling water then added to the water in your watering can) see picture. This feeds the micoorganisms in the soil and contains many elements sold in expensive nutrients. It is also completely organic.

If you want to grow more demanding strains (like Girl Scout Cookies for example) then you are going to need to have some kind of food.

I can recommend biotabs in your soil.  A really simple organic solution to feeding. I prefer to put these into soil once the auto has actually reached two weeks old and has some leaf and root structure to avoid any over feeding early on.

If you are using relatively small pots then you can get away with using just one biotab per auto. Put them in the soil at least 6 inches away from the plant after 2 weeks and all should be well.

I always have some fish mix on hand in case of problems (it sorts out most issues you could have growing organically though is a bit smelly – just add 5ml to 6 litres of water). The smell goes away quickly. Fish mix really is great stuff, cannabis plants love it.

You don’t normally need it more than 3/4 times on one auto grow. It contains instantly available foods for the plant and also helps to feed the soil. Be aware of where the water goes that drains from your pots.

Step 7 – Harvest and trimming

Do not rush this. Here’s a chart showing the correct time to harvest.

This picture shows when the bud is ripe. We see more brown pistils on the flower and a close up view through a microscope will reveal ripe pistils. The bud should have stopped getting any bigger as well as looking like the real thing.

Use some sturdy clippers and make the cut fast.


Trimming is what it says – simply taking off all the excess leaf from around the plant that you don’t need. I like to use a big pair of scissors but other tools are available. Go as close to the bud as you can with the blades but take care not chop off the bud itself. Take your time it’s easy to cut yourself doing this.

You can save the leaves which can be eaten directly or used in edibles. Some of them will have crystals on from the bud so they do have some value, although autos don’t tend to produce huge amounts of leaves.

Now hang your plants somewhere in the darkness where there is at least limited air circulation from time to time. Leave them for 5 days.

Step 8 – Curing


Curing is as important as growing. Don’t miss this important stage out. Uncured weed is easy to detect and does not hold the true taste of properly cured cannabis.

I find it’s best to hang the weed in a dark room with at least a little ventilation for five days first. It should feel dry to your touch on the outside of the buds after this period. It’s not yet dry, just feels it and has water inside still.

After five days hanging remove buds and transfer them straight into a glass jars (ideally with sealable top) and leave it in there for four hours only. When you open the lid you should sense moisture and the weed should have bonded together slightly into a solid lump. That’s OK.

You can then gently shake things around with the lid closed to separate all the buds evenly which will help with drying.

After this leave the jar fully open until the next day.

The next day close the jar for 6 hours, repeating the above. Now when you open the lid to ventilate, just open it and leave it resting on the top, so that it is open but only a little bit.

The third to sixth days, 8 hours.

On the 7th day you can leave the jar shut for a full 12 hours.

Now at this stage you should be able to close up the jars and just open them once a day for 15 minutes or so, for the second week.

After this the weed should smell absolutely spot on and you can jar it for longer periods.

The idea of all this is to slow the drying down.

If you start to see small white spots of mold forming then you have gone too fast, chuck the whole lot out of the jar onto a flat surface and let it dry out quickly, hopefully you won’t lose it. That is why it’s important to get this part right, being careful not to let things get too humid too quickly. Some people use digital meters to keep things at the correct humidity.

It’s a pain in the arse, frankly but if you don’t do this part you may as well not bother growing in the first place. Weed dried fast in the air in 5 days will work but is far from a premium product – don’t rush this bit and you will enjoy full flavoured, perfect buds.

Girl Scout Cookies grown outdoors Girl Scout Cookies auto grown outdoors

Other tips

If your plants get hit by heavy rain during flowering (not early flowering but later once bud has formed) then it is a good idea to shake the plant out a bit after the rain has stopped to get the moisture out the buds, to avoid mold.

Shake it from side to side as much as you can without harming it.


If you found Carmella’s case study inspiring, I’d really appreciate if you would share her story on Facebook.  I hope this guide helps you out.

I’d also love to hear from you: do you have any top autoflowering tips?

Leave a comment and let me know yours.


Here are some recommendations. I have personally used all these sites and can vouch for their trustworthyness. Consider their presence a good review.

seedsman seeds

The Vault are great, I have used them previously and they have a huge selection of seeds. Discreet rapid delivery. UK based with decent customer service and competitive pricing. You can trust these guys to send the correct seeds and answer emails. Recommended.


sensi seeds
Sensi Seed Bank offers the finest range of medicinal cannabis seeds available anywhere!
For over 25 years, the Sensi Seed Bank has been collecting, preserving and interbreeding cannabis strains from every corner of the globe.

Visit the Sensi Seeds website to get your premium cannabis seeds!

weedseedshop cannabis seeds

Weed Seed Shop offers regular, feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds, free shipping and secure payment. The Weed Seed Shop collection contains the most cheap cannabis seeds available online.


discount cannabis seeds

Our offer is simple, we focus on delivering an amazing range of high quality Cannabis Seeds at great value prices. We simply say Check out our prices and you make the choice.


uk cannabis seeds

SeedSupreme sells an extensive range of Marijuana Seeds from over 150 seed banks. Check out their extensive range of Regular, Feminized and Autoflower varieties from all over the world



cannabis seeds

OFFICIAL Barneys Farm Website. Worldwide shipping and free cannabis seeds with every order – check out their medical cannabis seeds!



Tips for buying seeds

If you have never grown any weed before picking cannabis seeds can be a daunting task. There is no need to worry you can easily order seeds online without any problem in the UK. Owning the seeds in itself is not even against the ‘law’. We all know how sensible a law against plants is.

In the UK the whole thing only becomes illegal when the seeds are germinated (I mean, how ridiculous) so there is absolutely no way of this being detected at all unless you are talking about what you are doing online on Facebook or something. Avoid this. You’ll be fine.  Especially if you live in County Durham.

There are thousands of strains to choose from and therein lives the problem. I would recommend spending the money on decent genetics. We don’t have the luxury of cuttings being quite so prevalent in the UK so the only way to get that outstanding quality of weed is to grow it yourself.

One of the popular new ways to grow is using autoflowering seeds. These seeds have been around some years now and certain varieties are well worth checking out – they can be a shortcut to high quality cannabis. Some of them only take as little as 60 days from germination to harvest. Trusted varieties I grow again and again include:

Buddha Seeds Magnum – really nice up high, energising happy effect.
Dinafem Cheese XXL – great yielding auto with strong stone.

If you’re growing outdoors, don’t be put off by the media bullshit about skunk. Outdoor grown skunk (I would recommend Sensi for their Early Skunk in the UK) is a lovely thing and yields very well indeed. Check out this page for more info on outdoor strains.

Also – well worth checking out are a relatively new breeder who are taking some of the top US strains (think OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies etc) and turning them into autoflowering versions.  Reviews on their site are looking encouraging.




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