Vaporizers – The Healthier Alternative to Smoking

by dope smoker on December 10, 2015

My friend over at thaVapeShop recently published a great infographic about Vaping vs. Smoking.

It talks about many different reasons why one may want to think about using a vaporizer, but the most important reason would be for your health.

Yes, vaporizers can improve your health!

Let’s take a look at some of the standout facts:

Cannabis smoke does contain some toxins.

Did you know that whether from burning wood, tobacco, or cannabis – toxins and carcinogens are released from the combustion of these materials?

      Of course, you can’t compare smoking cannabis to tobacco, as tobacco is obviously much worse, but smoking anything can be detrimental to your health.

      Vaporizers can help remove these toxins from the equation.

      In a 2003 study by California NORML and MAPS, the Volcano vaporizer was proven to be able to remove up to 100 different chemicals from cannabis smoke.

          Remember, it’s not the active ingredients in marijuana smoke that are harmful, it’s the toxic byproducts of smoke in general.

          For people that have been smoking cannabis for years, switching to a vaporizer could be a godsend.

          Another study quoted in the infographic, taken place in 2010, found that using a vaporizer for just one month led to meaningful improvements in the lung health of 20 daily cannabis smokers.

            “Switching to a vaporizer led to benefits in lung function that were comparable to quitting cigarettes.”

            For more examples on how using a vaporizer could improve your life, continue on to the infographic below!

            Vaping vs. Smoking (Herbal) – 5 Reasons Why Vaping is Better – An infographic by the wonderfully creative folks over at

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            49 of the World’s Best Cannabis Blogs 2015

            by dope smoker on November 23, 2015

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            Crater Vape Review

            by dope smoker on October 8, 2015


            Having owned a Pax before I was interested to see what this very similar looking device was like. Thanks to the guys at Crater for sending this over. I am assured it’s not a copy of the Pax and it does feel a little different in its construction, although functionally it is very similar indeed to the Pax.

            It works well too. You can create large clouds of vapor without any trouble. I use it on the top setting, which is adjusted the same way as the Pax with the multi coloured LED display. Once it has reached temperature and the green light comes on I tend to leave things to heat for a little bit longer – just to be sure. Then a gentle pull on the mouthpiece will result in a good hit.

            Holding the Crater is nice, it feels like a decent bit of equipment. If you’re in the market for a slightly cheaper alternative to the Pax this is the vape for you. It has stood up to the test of time – with regular cleaning of course. I can happily recommend this vaporizer. Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast and urban stoner alike.

            When I get round to offering my mother some weed, this is the sort of unit I would like to use. It looks like a proper medical device, and works like one too. Obviously, like the Pax the stealth factor is off the scale, you can take it anywhere and it doesn’t let you down. Check it out.

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            UPDATE 22.7.15 Debyshire and Dorset Police apparently will also not be pursuing small scale cannabis growers, or users.

            In what seems like some kind of small miracle, the commissioner of the police of Durham, Ron Hogg has stated that his force will not pursue people growing small amounts of cannabis at home. He has also suggested police wont be going after users smoking on the street!

            “It’s about keeping people out of the criminal justice system and reducing costs, it’s about being more productive with the way we approach things.

            It’s also about seeking to prevent future use by keeping people out of prison.

            My position is clear – I support decriminalisation of users and support debate around the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

            What we’re trying to do now is push forward for national debate on drugs policy – it’s quite clear that what has been done for 40 years is not working and we need a different approach.”

            Many across the Internet have been quick to criticise this move – why I don’t know. It could be the beginning of change in the UK and yes it is coming from the police but why not?

            Do you seriously think a politician is going to push this through? They have proved to be inept and corrupt to the bone too many times. They aren’t going to give us this in a hurry why not let the police show some leadership for once? They are afterall the ones given the idiotic task of chasing down an ever increasing amount of plants.

            Change can come from the strangest places.

            Durham is not going to become the Colorado of the UK overnight, however, this is clear.

            Yes, there is mention of some ‘program’ if you are arrested – but they are not going to arrest small scale growers – they say. If that is indeed the case there will not be any need for this so called ‘rehabilitation’ crap which would be more fitting for people addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. Science proves beyond any doubt they are doing themselves (and others) a lot more harm.

            This man has balls. Unlike all politicians. And there’s only so much he can do. He should be applauded for his actions, a clear step forward for Durham.

            Lets hope other police leaders notice this and follow suit. It would be a good start.

            Story links:

            Telegraph  –  Independent  –  Northern EchoITVHuffington PostViceSky News Video GuardianBBCUKCSC

            David Nutt is on the case!

            Should be interesting.

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            Fact: Doctors deal very dangerous drugs

            by dope smoker on June 29, 2015

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            A Man, a Bike and a Vaporiser take on the World!

            June 12, 2015

            In a nutshell I’m planning to cycle around the world, getting stoned with people wherever I go. The blog ( started out as a response to the classic image of someone who happens to enjoy weed as an unmotivated, unhealthy and sedentary being. As someone who enjoys nothing more than ripping a vaporiser and doing […]

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            Growing for yourself now fully decrimalized in Spain?

            June 11, 2015

            This blog has an interesting intepretation of the brand new Spanish security law. It’s in Spanish, by a lawyer – here’s the best translation I have so far: Original Source Growlandia Article The self-cultivation of cannabis has been decriminalized By Enrique Fornés. Wonderful surprising anti prohibition news for all growers, grow shops, horticulturists and cannabis […]

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            Policewoman laughs as 4 Met officers arrest one cannabis user.

            April 20, 2015

            Check out the police woman looking on and laughing. Just disgusting. This is a big problem. Ingrained ignorance. This ignorant woman thinks they are doing the right thing! Is there any wonder people hate the police when this is how they behave?

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            ‘CISTA’ cannabis political party launches in the UK

            March 12, 2015

            It’s wonderful to see more activism going on in the UK.  It is pretty obvious that the world is not going to sit on its arse whilst the US relegalises cannabis. Cannabis prohibition is cruel and downright uneconomical. CISTA – what a fantastic acronym, stands for Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol – which it is, […]

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            Is the Arizer Solo the best Portable Vaporizer in the world?

            January 28, 2015

            I got one of the first Arizer Solos, and must say that I have been very happy indeed with it.  Over a period of years.  There are drawbacks, of course, as with anything – however Arizer have created pretty much the perfect portable, in my opinion. This was my initial review in 2012. It’s worth […]

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