How to buy cannabis edibles online

by dope smoker on July 19, 2018

Do you need an easy by step guide to buying cannabis edibles on the Internet?

If so this page can help you to have edibles delivered to your door in no time at all.  All you need is a web browser, some money and a little time.

1. Get The Tor Browser

The first thing to do is get a browser that will allow you to browse the dark web, and that is Tor, which you can download and install via this link. Install this and then use it just as you would Firefox.

2. Open your Dream Account

Once you have installed Tor open it up and then simply copy this link to open up Dream Market where you can easily create your account there.

No need to use your email address, just sign up for your account and you’re ready to go.


3. Look for Edibles

Now for the fun part, log into Dream, look left and click on the ‘Drugs’ section.

This will open up to a wide menu of drugs, at this point try not to get distracted and click on the ‘Cannabis’ section.

Once you have done this you will see the the ‘Edibles’ menu. Click on it.

At this stage you are looking at the worldwide selection of edibles available on Dream Market. You can filter the results to have results only originating from UK vendors by changing the ‘from’ country to the UK and applying the filter as shown in the picture below.

Make sure you check reviews by clicking on the vendors profile and taking a look at reviews of recent activity. This will stop you from being ripped off. Vendors are rated out of 5, and the number of ratings is shown just before that rating number. This gives you a great idea of how reliable they are.

Find something you like the look of and keep a note of the price, so you know roughly how much Bitcoin you need to buy. Also check for postage charges, which add to the final cost.

4. Make a note of your wallet address

In Dream Market navigate to /wallet by clicking on the number at the top right hand corner of the screen, here you can find your Bitcoin wallet address for Dream. This is the important bit. Do not mess this up. Carefully copy and paste this long string of characters to notepad or somewhere where you won’t lose it. Below you can see what you are looking for.

5. Go buy Bitcoin and send to that address

If you don’t already have Bitcoins, open an account with Coinbase or somewhere like Local Bitcoins. Both these places are well known and can be trusted – Coinbase requires more ID verification than Local Bitcoins though is probably slightly easier to use. It’s worth the initial messing about. Local Bitcoins is more of an exchange bringing buyers and sellers together.

Once you have bought your Bitcoins you’ll want to send them to your Dream Market address which you have ready. Here’s how to do that from Coinbase. And here’s how to do it from Local Bitcoins.

If you intend to do this a lot it is probably worth your while using a wallet like Electrum as a ‘middleman’ for this process though I have never had a problem. So to do this you would buy funds, and first send to YOUR wallet then send to Dream Market.

6. Order your product

Once your Bitcoin has arrived at Dream Market you can then order away. It will take at least 20 minutes for the funds to arrive, so be patient and try not to panic, Bitcoins don’t get lost. You’ll notice that your balance will change to being bold and an incoming transaction will be indicated on your wallet page once the Bitcoin is on its way.

Also understand that once you have successfully sent funds to your Dream Market wallet address, it will be changed to a new one, so don’t let the fact that it has changed worry you. Once addresses have been used once they are replaced.

Make sure that you tick the box shown below that encrypts your address on ordering.

If the vendor is using ‘Escrow’ your Bitcoin will go into a holding area where the vendor cannot access it until you indicate your package has arrived. Trusted vendors tend not to use Escrow if they are established vendors then the payment will go straight through.

If they are using Escrow do ensure you log back in to Dream Market once your stuff has arrived and go to the order to ‘finalise’ payment and release funds to the vendor.

Remember Dream Market does go down from time to time and can be really slow. It’s not Amazon!

Should you have any problems accessing Dream here are some official mirror urls that may work if one or another is not working:


If you found this tutorial useful please feel free to share it with somebody who might find it handy.

Disclosure: Some of these links may earn me tiny amounts of commission.


Top 5 ways to consume cannabis

by dope smoker on May 10, 2018

The range of uses for cannabis is staggering, and new ways to consume it are always cropping up. Smoking a joint or ripping one of your favorite water pipes is a time-honored tradition, but it’s worth trying another method every now and again. These are the 5 best ways to reap all the different benefits of weed through different mediums of consumption, listed in order of how high they’ll get you!

5. Topicals

Spoiler alert: topicals won’t get you high, but they’re one of the best go-to cannabis products for anyone seeking medical relief. A cannabis topical is essentially any skincare product, infused with cannabis. Think lip balm, muscle rub, lotion, etc.

It turns out your skin has a wealth of cannabinoid receptors, and can easily absorb cannabinoids from an applied topical. In addition to the sites where THC can bind, the skin has many CB2 receptors, which are most attractive to CBD. You may know CBD as the part of cannabis that doesn’t get you high. That’s true, but CBD also has multiple documented health benefits that make it the perfect addition to lotions and balms.

Cannabis topicals can be used to treat skin problems like sunburn and rashes. They’re also a powerful tool in combating aches and pains, as well as the inflammation that comes with arthritis and minor injuries.

The best thing about topicals is they’re quite easy to make yourself, as long as you’re equipped with a bit of cannabis oil. Simply melt it into some coconut oil for a simple salve, or add essential oils and beeswax for additional aroma and smoothness.

4. Edibles

It’s impossible to deny the perks of a great edible, whether it’s the classic brownie or a new-fangled, cannabis-infused five-course meal. Infusing butter and other fats with marijuana is simple, if a bit time-consuming. All you have to do is cook the fat and ground weed low and slow for a few hours, strain it and leave it to cool.

Edibles only work when they contain enough fat to handle the THC. The more fat your material has, the better it will absorb THC, and the more potent it can get. Coconut, at about 90% fat, is the best vehicle, although butter just tastes better! Once you’ve got cannabutter (or infused oil) on hand, the possibilities are practically endless.

Edibles are ideal for lazy weekends where you want to melt into your couch, but the heavy body high is also perfect for treating pain. Either way, edibles are the way to get truly stoned in the most delicious way possible, for as long as possible. It takes a while to kick in but the wait is worth it, since an edible high can last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.

3. Vaping

For many of us, discretion is the highest priority when consuming cannabis. Edibles are great, but they require a bit of planning, and might get you much higher than you’d like to be in public. That’s where marijuana vapes come in. These little contraptions usually provide small to medium hits of cannabis vapor.

The main problem with vaping cannabis is that quality vaporizers are somewhat expensive. If you get one with no temp control, you’ll end up combusting your weed anyway, and that’s going to blow your cover for sure. But if you do invest in a solid vape, you’ll experience peak flavor from your buds without harsh smoke or smell. Definitely a plus for parents and professionals, and anyone else who needs to keep their consumption on the down-low.

2. Dabs

The holy grail for lovers of THC, dabs are an exercise in tolerance and lung strength. As the most potent of cannabis concentrates, dabs are most commonly extracted with butane. Butane hash oil (BHO) can be difficult to come by, since its production is highly illegal. But if you can get your hands on some concentrate and the requisite equipment, you’ll get a mind-blowing experience unlike any other.

Cannabis concentrates hit you like a freight train, with a high that’s much more acute and focused than flower. Dabbing is definitely not for beginners, and even experienced smokers can be knocked on their ass by just one good dab. It’s no wonder, since BHO has THC content of about 50-90%! If smoking has lost its wondrous luster and you’re looking for a cerebrally-focused high, it may be time to give dabbing a try. You’ll need a supplier, a butane torch, a quality dab rig, and a willingness to get beyond blasted.

1. Moon Rocks

Ah, moon rocks. Named such for their ability to rocket you past sky-high, moon rocks are incredibly difficult to get ahold of due to their complicated construction. A classic moon rock is made by taking a quality nug and saturating it with hash oil, then rolling it in kief. In legal markets, people go a bit mad and start rolling their moon rocks in THCa crystals and such, but we say nothing beats the classic version.

The kief brings out the taste of terpenes, the hash oil provides a THC punch, and a nice dense nug ties it all together. The high from a moon rock is nearly indescribable, but the most appropriate term is “face-melting”. Their density results in huge clouds of smoke packed with flavor. Remember the first few times you smoked, and felt like you were transcending into a parallel dimension? It’s like that, all over again. It starts in the head, with a giddy tingling and a surge of the giggles. By the time you’ve realized you’re high, you’re already full-body stoned.

Depending on the strains used in the making of the moon rocks, you might be susceptible to a little paranoia, or some real couchlock. If you have any choice, go for strains you know and love. As one of the most potent and dynamic highs possible, moon rocks are not something to mess around with!

Spencer Grey is a staff writer at Smoking Outlet.


How to buy cannabis online with the dark web

by dope smoker on April 25, 2018

Buying cannabis online may seem like a dodgy, unreliable proposition but those days are well and truly over. No longer do you need to go on a wild goose chase around your locality to find some decent herbs.

The truth is that buying weed using the internet is now reasonably straightforward (thanks to Bitcoin and the Darknet) and there are many professional, trusted vendors just waiting to serve your needs as a customer.

I’m going to show you exactly how to do it here.

Now that recreational weed is legal in California it’s only a matter of time before our archaic UK laws catch up. (We can hope).

The police apparently don’t have resources to stop crime going up all over the country, so you can pretty much guarantee they do not have the resources to be pursuing Joe Smith ordering an eight of weed on the web. It’s just not going to happen.

According to one London postman speaking to the BBC:

“I’ve spent 14 years as a postman in uniform and I have never seen a drug dog.”

Another postie confirms:

“If it’s got a stamp on it, you post it. We don’t have drug dogs to smell every parcel. We don’t have the resources to X-ray every parcel. We just have to deliver it and take the risk. Our job is to deliver it safely to the customer.”

You can order small amounts with confidence. Don’t let fear run your life. You are entitled to use this and all plants. It will arrive in an innocent looking envelope, often double vacuum sealed.

It’s a simple six stage process, which I would not recommend doing on a mobile. Desktop is easier and in most cases more secure for this type of thing. If you must use mobile I have had some success using the Red Browser on iPhone.

1. Buy your Bitcoin

Coinbase is a large and trustworthy bitcoin exchange. Online verification of ID is usually required. (This takes minutes and is only done once – it also has no link whatsoever to any ‘market’.)

Local Bitcoins is an exchange which allows you to buy bitcoins online using bank deposits, Paypal as well as Pingit and other methods.  The buy can normally be completed easily in a few minutes.

Once you have purchased your Bitcoin, the balance will show in an online wallet as a number probably something like 0.0107293. (That’s currently how much Bitcoin you get for £50.)  You may want to price up your products first (see below) and then buy a slightly larger amount of Bitcoin than you want to spend so that any purchasing fees or price fluctuations don’t affect your purchase.

2. Download and install the Tor Browser

You’ll only need to do this once. Tor is just like using Firefox or Chrome except addresses end with ‘.onion’ instead of .com. It can take a few minutes for it to create a connection when you first start it, this is quite normal. Just download it and you’re away. Get that working then you’re well on the way to solving this problem.  Tor can be used to view standard web pages as well as encrypted ‘dark’ pages.

3. Go create your account on Dream Market using the Tor Browser

No need to use any email address, just use this link to create an account so you can log in to Dream Market and place your order. Dream is currently the easiest place to find cannabis dealers online, and is used by thousands of people daily.

You will need the Tor browser to access the link. Log in and have a look around. You’ll find a link where it says BTC at the top right to your bitcoin wallet on there, (/wallet) which has a long number like the one shown below. That is the bitcoin address that you’re going to send coins to. You can copy it or put it in a text file to use to withdraw your coins from Local Bitcoins or Coinbase, or whevever you choose.

4. Send Bitcoins to chosen Dark Market wallet

Here are instructions on sending out of Coinbase:

The first time you do this can be a little harrowing. Really though it’s a simple copy and paste of your wallet address from Dream to where you want to send your coins, and the pressing the send button, followed by waiting.

I have never had to wait over an hour, your balance normally shows up on Dream in 20-40 mins. Don’t panic. Here’s a video on doing it from Local Bitcoins. If you do this a lot you may want to consider sending the coins via your own bitcoin wallet. You’ll notice your wallet balance go bold on Dream once the incoming transfer has been picked up. From there it normally becomes available within 30 minutes.

5. Buy your cannabis

The fun part. Ordering your weed. Go search for weed. I can make one recommendation here. ShineyBudsUK. He only sells decent weed and offers outstanding customer service. (Don’t be a cock though.)

You can find him on Dream by going here with the Tor browser http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/?ai=2563360809 and searching for ShineyBudsUK.  Shiney always delivers.

There are obviously many other options. Always read their reviews first.  You can find hash, skunk, edibles, oils etc.  I tend to stick with UK vendors to avoid packages going through customs, but plenty of people get deliveries from Spain and Germany without problem. On Dream you can filter vendors geographically as shown below.

Don’t leave money sitting on the market the safest way to carry on is to use your money as soon as it is on there, then there is less risk of it being compromised in some way.

Remember your pin numbers. Some dark web sites require that you have a pin as well as a password. Do not lose or forget this. It may even be an idea to write it down somewhere.

Dream Market does go down (or can be really slow) so just be patient and you’ll get there. It’s not like using the normal web, so get used to it being slow and occassionally offline. If for some reason you can’t access it here are some official Dream Market Mirrror URLS:


When you get to putting in address details ensure that you select to encrypt (as shown in the image below).

6. Finalise on delivery

Don’t forget to log back into the market to indicate that you have received your order and release payment to the vendor once your weed had arrived. This is called finalising. Some vendors do not allow this ‘middleman’ system called Escrow if they are very trusted you’ll see ‘no escrow’ which means they get their payment immediatley when you order.

If you want to be extremely safe in your purchase you may want to consider using a VPN (a virtual web connection to hide your location further) when using Tor.  For small amounts though, I think this may be overkill. And if you are going to do this a lot you might want to consider first transferring the Bitcoin from where you buy it, to your own private wallet (like Electrum) and then on to Dream Market.

Good luck with your orders. You wont need it! Remember the markets do get shut down from time to time and vendors even sometimes ‘exit’ with their cash in hand, you’re not dealing with Amazon here, although there are a few professionals who stand out.

Problems? Get in touch and ask me for help.



Here are 10 remarkable facts about CBD

by dope smoker on April 13, 2018

1. CBD is an important part of the cannabis plant

You may hear a lot about THC but it is the CBD in cannabis that also contributes a myriad of strengths to the plants medical properties. Its extensive list of uses can be seen in the chart above.

CBD is found in varying amounts in cannabis, often very small percentages but has recently been bred up to higher amounts to create strains with stronger medical effects.

2. CBD can be used to treat osteoarthritis

In the US you can now get CBD gummies from companies like Every Day Optimal CBD edibles. A dose of CBD in a sweet. This is what one person had to say about their efficacy:

“I have frozen shoulder in my left arm as well as osteoarthritis in both knees, which means I am constantly in pain. I hate taking pills and a friend of mine suggested that I try these instead. After a few days, I noticed a marked improvement.

I am not going to say that it is totally eliminated, BUT this has to be the best solution I found so far. The fact that they taste good is an added bonus. My husband has back pain quite often because he works in construction and he loves them too. They are good enough for the whole family!”

3. CBD can be used to treat your pet

Animals too have endocannabinoid systems so can be treated although some vets do advise against it. Each animal has their own cannabinoid receptors and most animals produce endocannabinoids.

These receptors can also be found in all non human mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and also invertebrates, lots of animals do react to cannabis.

Speaking about giving cannabis to her cancer ridden cat Monkey in the Guardian, Amanda Reiman said:

“It brought her energy back, she was eating and playing – she was actually acting healthier than she had been before she was diagnosed with cancer… I knew it wasn’t a cure for her, and in the end she passed away several months later. But I really do feel it gave her a quality of life at the end; instead of just fading away, she stayed strong right up until the end.”

4. CBD has been scientifically proved to kill cancer cells

“Gallily et al. [44] provided first evidence of a possible exploitation of CBD in the treatment of lymphoblastic diseases. They demonstrated that CBD treatment induced apoptosis, through caspase-3 activation in human acute myeloid leukaemia HL-60 cell line, whereas it had no effect on human monocytes from normal individuals.”

Link to study.

CBD has also showed promise in the treatment of breast cancer.

5. CBD can be used in cooking

As CBD is fat soluble (like all cannabis) you can simply add it to whatever fat or oil you are using for cooking. It works really well with coconut oil for example.

It’s best added to the type of food which can easily be split into portions so you can regulate the dose you are taking to some extent. It doesn’t taste great on its own but like this you won’t taste the CBD at all. Try not to let temperatures get above 180C/356F or the oil may vaporise.

Check out this book for some yummy desert ideas.

6. CBD is a powerful anti psychotic

A recent study in the UK suggests that CBD could represent a whole new class of treatment for psychosis that does not carry any major side effects.

More info here:

“Although it is still unclear exactly how CBD works, it acts in a different way to antipsychotic medication, and thus could represent a new class of treatment. The study indicated that CBD may be effective in psychosis: patients treated with CBD showed a significant reduction in symptoms, and their treating psychiatrists rated them as having improved overall…Moreover, CBD was not associated with significant side effects. This is also potentially important, as patients may be reluctant to take antipsychotic medication because of concerns about side effects.”

With zero side effects and reports like this you can see why some large corporate interests may have wanted to keep cannabis out of our hands for so long.

7. CBD is very effective against epilepsy

In this touching documentary Sanjay Gupta covers the amazing story of Charlotte Figi, a little girl in the US who has seen her life turned around by CBD. She suffers from a severe cause of epilepsy known as Dravets Syndrome, causing several hundred seizures a week, all life threatening.

The CBD took her down to just one seizure a week and completely transformed Charlotte’s health.

Official confirmation of this can be found here. In the UK the wheels of care seem to turn more slowly.

Charlotte’s Mother said:

“[Charlotte] is consistently eating and drinking on her own for the first time in years. She sleeps soundly through the night. Her severe autism-like behaviors of self-injury, stimming, crying, violence, no eye contact, zero sleep, lack of social contact … are a thing of the past. She is clear-headed, focused, has no attention deficit. Charlotte rides horses, skis, paints, dances, hikes. She even has friends for the first time. Her brain is healing. She is healthy. She is happy.”

8. CBD does not make you feel ‘stoned’

THC is the cannabinoid that can make you feel ‘stoned’ when you consumer your cannabis. CBD does not affect you in the same way as THC does.

For example smoking a joint of Mr Nices Mango Haze CBD makes you feel relaxed and kills pain but does not make you feel ‘stoned’ in any sense of the word. It actually gives you an energy boost.

9. CBD has been shown to improve brain functions

CBD has demonstrated the function of supporting normal cellular function as well as immune response. It also helps people to grow old in a healthy way by offering mitochondrial support.

There is also emerging evidence that CBD helps the brain to repair itself and can even help to damage brain tissue following a stroke.

10. CBD can help you recover from an addiction

CBD has been shown to be an agonist of 5-HT1a serotoninergic receptors and to regulate stress response and compulsive behaviors.More here.

These links to studies show how CBD has been helpful in treating a whole host of addictions, including withdrawal from opioids and other dangerous pharmaceuticals.


Traditionally, growing cannabis in a cold climate has been a case of identifying early finishing strains that won’t get caught out by the cold and damp in October.

Naturally, this has limited the ability of  growers to grow long flowering strains such as haze and other cannabis Sativa varieties, because the time needed to ‘finish’ these plants outside meant at best they have to be cut early, at worst they are permanently damaged by mould or frosts.

Advances in the development of ‘autoflowering’ strains has meant that this limitation has now been completely removed. It is now possible to grow strains such as Power Plant, White Diesel Haze as well as many others outdoors in colder climates by growing versions of them that autoflower.

These new autoflowering plants are different in that they automatically go from their initial vegetative state into flower, without being dependent on changes to lighting hours. This all means you can plant a seed and simply harvest your bud just 70 days later. Very straightforward and this feature also reduces the window of good light needed, meaning you can plant seeds in the UK in May, June or July and reap the rewards 70 or so days later. Bonus!

Traditional cannabis seed options

Autoflowering seeds are not the only answer to growing in cold climates.

Traditional cannabis seeds (photoperiod sensitive) that finish budding in September or early October are also completely viable.

Dutch Passion Blueberry

A good example of a photoperiod variety that works well in the cold is Dutch Passion Blueberry. As well as being a renowned cannabis variety with a beautiful Indica stone popular with medical users, this plant is also widely reported to do well outdoors. It may also go blue or purple during the grow, adding to its natural beauty and appeal.

LSD from Barneys Farm

Is also a very easy to grow plants that will grow well outdoors in colder areas. The high is out of this world – fun, trippy and strong-the kind of thing you don’t tend to smoke more than one dooby of. And don’t make plans!  The plant itself can take all kinds of abuse and still carries on doing its thing. Definitely worth checking out.

Early Skunk from Sensi Seeds

Early Skunk is a plant that has been specifically bred to do well in cold weather. Finishing earlier than other versions of Skunk, this plant will yield really well and won’t give you too much bother in the grow either. Good for beginners and a solid bet for a decent harvest in a cold place.

Red Purps from Female Seeds

This plant gets a huge amount of attention because of its 7 week flowering period and stimulating Sativa effects. A very tasty (strawberry/liquorice) plant that has become a firm favourite with UK growers. This is a very special hybrid that wont let you down, whatever the weather. Finishes in September and easy to grow.

In the past it was always the case that photoperiod sensitive plants would yield more than their traditional relatives, but this is definitely no longer the case and it is not unusual for autos growing in the land to yield several ounces per plant.  For a more detailed list of strains that grow well in cold climates there is a post on UK420.

Autoflowering strains that will deliver

Sensi Seeds Purple Bud Automatic

Purple Bud Automatic has been grown very successfully throughout the UK (including Scotland) and is a beautiful looking plant. It’s an Indica dominant variety with a very pleasant high and pristine purple buds that are a joy to behold for even the most discerning of growers. She’s a great option for beginners, being easy to grow and quick to deliver its harvest. The high is a very relaxing but functional stone.

Sensi Seeds Sensi Skunk Automatic

Sensi Seeds created the original Skunk and this is a magical reworked version that has been responsible for super high yields throughout the UK and other countries with cold climates. A strong high that won’t disappoint you, however long you have been smoking the herb. Very reliable indeed.  Tested in harsh climates this auto is extremely resiliant – whatever the weather.

Dinafem Cheese XXL

Another high performance auto, Dinafem Cheese XXL delivers massive buds of cheese in around 80 days. This plant is very easy to grow and I can say from personal experience that it is a great smoke. The size of the buds will impress you. If you want cheese fast, this is the plant to grow. Very easy to grow. Literally plant in good soil and stand back!

Buddha Seeds Magnum

This is a beauty of a plant. More details about growing it here. Magnum led the way in autoflowering magic when it first came out. Farmers in Spain were astounded when they discovered yields of 250g per plant were possible when growing it directly in the ground (ie, not in a pot). It does great in colder climates too, planted between May and July. The high is a focused energising trip that will make you active, relaxed and driven. Well worth checking out.

Chaze Super Autoflower

This is one amazing plant. A cross of two old school powerhouses – cheese and haze.  No long wait for the haze genetics to finish though, as this plant will be totally done in 15 weeks from start to finish.  A little longer than a standard autoflower- but well worth the wait. Gets pretty big too. The high is a fantastic experience that will be popular with most. An active and happy cheese buzz that lasts really well. Some of the best weed I have ever grown, I will definitely come back to this plant.

It’s also worth your while to check out the plants classed as being able to do well in cold climates at Sensi Seeds. Good luck!



What are the best cannabis seeds for beginners?

March 19, 2018

This is a difficult question to answer properly; there are literally dozens of easy to grow strains out there and beginners will do well with many of them. This is not rocket science, you will find growing cannabis is pretty much like growing any vegetable (yes it is classed as a vegetable)! Here’s something to […]

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What are the highest yielding autoflowering strains?

March 11, 2018

Picture from the Autoflower Network. This page was updated on the 11th March 2018. Autoflowering strains have come on a lot over the years, and now the renowned Sensi Seeds have some really nice examples. If you are purely looking for yield then Jack 47 Auto from Sweet Seeds literally explodes and is definitely one […]

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8 Things to know about vaping

March 9, 2018

1. Adjustment from smoking If you smoke a lot of potent cannabis and suddenly switch to a vaporizer, it’s possible you might not even notice the high immediately. It can be quite a subtle thing so it might be an idea (shock horror) to take a little break to let your body adjust to ‘not […]

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The Highest Yielding Strains for Indoor Growers

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Nowadays, strains like Blue Dream and Sour Diesel are among the most abundant in many US dispensaries. And I’ve always wondered, why these strains? Yes, they are tasty, but so are many others. The answer: high yield and availability.  Blue Dream and Sour Diesel were once the highest yielding strains that were also easy to […]

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How much money can you make growing weed?

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Growing weed is lucrative, as you may already know. But just how lucrative? How much money can you for instance make with a spare room? Remember some UK police forces have pretty much claimed they are no longer pursuing small scale cannabis growers. There are even cannabis clubs operating with the agreement of progressive thinking […]

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