The Future of Weed Grinding? The Space Case Grinder

by dope smoker on November 17, 2010

I’ve just seen what I want for Christmas.

A titanium space case grinder please. These things look awesome.

They let the very fine bits of your weed fall below into a container that you can then press to make homemade hash.

If you smoke a lot of weed, these things look like an essential tool to me.

Check out the video:


  • Jon

    These things are the dogs bollocks. Worth every penny.

  • Deez

    How have you only just discovered this type of grinder? I’ve had one similar since 2007 & they’ve been about a lot longer than that.

  • I must have been living under a rock clearly.

    If you send your address on I will send you an award for knowing about space case grinders prior to 2007. Well done to you!

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