5 Reasons to Grow Lowryder

1. Speed

Seed to bud in nine weeks. That’s quicker than 6 months or more for an outdoor cannabis plant. This also means you can grow them outside in a short (say UK) summer.

2. Stealth

As they are short dwarf plants, they can easily be concealed. Be that in a garden or in a pot next to a window in your house, or in your grow room.

3. Simple

No special timing of lights or specialist gear are necessary. You just plant them. The buds grow automatically as the plant gets larger – no need to worry about light conditions or vegetative periods.

4. Selection

Lowryder are becoming quite the brand now, and also offer many variants of the original Lowryder plant. Take these Purple Jems for example. There’s a Lowryder plant to suit everyone.

5. Safe

No more trips to your shady dealer (if you have such a thing). Grow these instead.