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Forget Cannabis: This Common Brazilian Shrub Could Revolutionize CBD Production!

Introducing the Future of CBD Production: Trema micrantha Blume In a ground-breaking study by biologist Rodrigo Moura Neto and his ...
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5% of Irish Doctors Regularly Smoke Cannabis – Why Aren’t They in Prison?

Can we turn a blind eye to the uneven scales of justice? A recent Irish Medical Times survey uncovered some ...
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Shocking Injustice: Man Jailed for €20 Worth of Weed!

In an era where the legal and societal perspectives on cannabis are rapidly evolving, some judicial decisions appear to be ...
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The Misleading ‘Own Your Grow’ Initiative: A Closer Look

In the dynamic world of the medicinal cannabis industry, the recent announcement of the UK's first 'own your grow' initiative ...
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Revolutionizing Dementia Care: The Unexpected Benefits of CBD

Dementia, a condition that affects millions worldwide, is often accompanied by a range of behavioral and psychological symptoms. These symptoms, ...
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Thailand’s Cannabis Legalisation: A Startling U-Turn?

In a startling turn of events, Thailand's cannabis enthusiasts are facing a potential disaster. Just a year after the Southeast ...
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Cannabis and Psilocybin: A Revolutionary Approach to Medical Treatments

Cannabis and Psilocybin: The Groundbreaking Union A groundbreaking step towards revolutionizing physical and mental health treatments is now closer to ...
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A Major Win for the Hemp Industry: Europe’s Shift in Cannabis Regulation

The Victory of the European Industrial Hemp Association Three years ago, the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) embarked on a ...