A week in weed

Here’s a great little picture of how cannabis can promote creativity.

Have you joined Clear yet? If not why not? They are now selling T-shirts to help fight the cause. You should get one. I shall be wearing mine with pride.

Well done to Clear for outing these utter bloody lies. The Daily Mail needs to be scrutinized, they seem to have a free reign to publish what they like regardless of any facts. They need to go the same way as Murdoch and his bunch of apes surely. Really, if you read the Mail you should probably go and shoot yourself. Do everybody a favour.

And guess what some more sensationalist crap about cannabis. Where are the headlines about the toddler with the bottle of vodka? Or the toxic coffee leftovers. Or the prescription pills.

It just so happens we have a toddler in this house and she’s picked up a few pieces of weed along the way and guess what? She’s fine. Possibly something to do with the fact that cannabis is one of the most non toxic medicines known to man. Don’t believe the hype.

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