A week in weed

Outdoor weed which, according to avon and somerset police, is shit

Nature reports that the cannabis genome for cannabis sativa has been released. If you’re into that sort of thing you can download the data here.

Now this one made me piss myself. The pigs found a load of weed plants growing outdoors and demonstrate their utter ignorance of this subject:

The plants in the garden were really big, some of the biggest I have seen but because they weren’t grown in a hydroponic environment – they weren’t particularly strong or “good quality”. This doesn’t detract from it still being a criminal activity however.

Wrong! Anyway what are you basing this on mr piggy? It certainly isn’t science. What tests did you do? Hydroponics is not the only way – is that what you’re perhaps trying to hide from the public?

Plants grown outside are just as likely to be ‘strong’ or ‘good quality’. Fools. Look at these babies.

And a pensioner will be carted off to prison. Fantastic. They say they are keeping people safe. Yeah right.

And back to the dibble again. Some TSG police office is growing weed. Big surprise.

No doubt he will be punished twice and sent to prison for this terrible crime against humanity. Perhaps we could evict and rob his parents also, just for good measure.

Finally an interesting article in the Guardian about weed in France – they are making some encouraging noises. This made much more sense than this total non article about weed which makes no sense whatsoever and is wrong on many points.

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  1. Shows what the police know. It’s about time the UK got in line with the rest of Europe. Why is the UK always last?

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