A week in weed

The New Sensi Design

Sensi Seeds have redesigned their site. It’s a brand new look with a lot more information for medical users, news and lots more.

There’s an excellent article in Wired outlining some of the ways that marijuana makes you more intelligent and is also not very damaging at all.

Norml have a great video explaining the science behind cannabis as a medicine.

The Scottish are blaming the internet for the rise in home cultivation. I say that’s one of the beauties of the internet. Just try and ban cannabis from the web I dare you.

In Swansea a newspaper had so much time on their hands they actually wrote an article about someone being done for possession of cannabis worth less than £5. I’m not sure which is most fucked up, the ‘offence’ itself or the fact it’s covered by a newspaper. Can we not get a life?

Finally Steve from Tokeofthetown has been championing the cause at Hempfast. Good man.

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