All about Soap Bar Hash in the UK

Here’s a great little video talking all about soapbar.

Plenty of reasons there why you should grow your own weed if this is the only stuff you have available to you.

Don’t buy the soapbar! There are much better options for buying weed.

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1 thought on “All about Soap Bar Hash in the UK”

  1. people call it dope and sell it for 50 quid an ounce i really think that our goverment got something to do with it cause whats the point of smuggling that shit from spain or europe where ever it gets mixed and adultarated and then people take the risk bringing that stuff acroos customs dont understand these criminals if i had the money and resorses id try and get half decent hash well the scrubbers probally dont smoke or dont know what weed or hash is its a shame the goverment dont seem to give a toss what us tax paying people smoke never mind that nik clegg might sought things out and il have a ounce of minali cream pls nik third leg clegg

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