Want to help make a BBC documentary about weed?


Do you smoke cannabis regularly?
Maybe you cook with cannabis?
Do you use cannabis for medicinal purposes?
Have you registered for the new spray, sativex?
Are you a female cannabis user?
Perhaps you’re trying to give up cannabis?

Whatever your story we are interested in hearing from you.

Pioneer Film and Television Productions are producing a new 3 part series about drugs for the BBC and are looking for people to take part in the series as contributors that we follow over a relevant period of time.

The use of recreational drugs is widespread and growing, this series is an honest and non judgmental look at drugs and the impact they have on the human body. Combining the testimony of cannabis users, medical experts and cutting edge CGI we will explain how drugs create the effects they do.

Please only contact if you are over 18 and based in the UK.

Please contact Matt or Lisa at research@pioneertv.com

Or call: 01753 785 486

We look forward to hearing from you.

FYI: We are governed by strict guidelines and have a responsibility towards the people that appear in this programme, a key element is to ensure that anyone taking part in the programme is made fully aware of the potential legal implications. It is not our intention to misrepresent or take out of context any of the events that we film.

Some previous programmes made by Pioneer:


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10 thoughts on “Want to help make a BBC documentary about weed?”

  1. I think this proposed BBC production on cannabis users is diabolical. As a pro-legislate cannabis campaigner, I am becoming tired of British TV looking to provide public entertainment on cannabis users, as entertainment just for the sake of it.

    Why not make a decent program based on the single-fous issue and just ask the question: “Do you believe that cannabis should be pro-legislated”?

    Why does the BBC not address the real issues concerning cannabis prohibition and legislation in the UK? Why not interview people who know how to discuss cannabis issues and UK cannabis law correctly and intelligently? If the BBC would be brave enough to do this, they would find a much greater public interest in the cannabis issue, without resorting to “cannabis entertainment”.

    Why waste TV licence payers money to make an entertaining program on cannabis? If anyone wants to see a cannabis user, they need only to take a walk down to their local park or local youth hangout.

    Why? Why? Why? – too many Whys – It’s high time (no pun intended) that the BBC made a decent TV program about cannabis pro-legislation. Cannabis advocacy and ideology are different animals altogether and are not enough in themselves to engage in this serious topic in the way that it deserves.

    Jayelle Farmer
    Founder & Coordinator
    Legalise Cannabis International


  2. Hi Jayelle,

    I agree with you entirely. The beeb can be pretty spineless when it comes to important issues.

    Since their outrageous coverage of the Israeli pirate incident I have started getting my news at Aljazeera.

  3. 1. I am disappointed with the cynical site name “dope smoker” which slanders rather than celebrates cannabis. I don’t feel “dopy” after a toke, and wonder if those who do haven’t bought some passivistic propaganda on the lines of “sit still and wait for something to happen to your head”. Does it mean nothing that “dope” rhymes with “opiate” and science has known for decades that cannabis has nothing to do with opiates.

    2. Something titled “how to stick two rizlas together” also sounds unfortunate. Hot burning carbon monoxide papers have been destroying health with results blamed on cannabis, meanwhile you can buy a vaporizer for a fraction of the cost of a year’s pack-a-day $igarette habit and a low-temperature, semi-vaporizing one-hitter can be made for pennies out of a socket wrench, a screen and some tubing. One star so far.

    3. Agree with Jayelle, BBC is govt. socialism at its worst selling out to the “sponsor” ($igarette corporations procuring huge tax revenues out of poor addicted puffsuckers) by slandering their enemy cannabis. Two stars for at least printing Jayelle’s critique.

  4. Hi Max.

    Unfortunately for you I did not name the blog with American English as a major consideration.

    You see, in my world (Europe) the word ‘dope’ does not have the same negative connotations as it does for example where you are, in Chicago. I don’t expect you to appreciate the nuances of the English language.

    Europe is where English originated. You guys took it and f*cked with it – not the other way round. Thankyou for your comment though.

  5. They do – but for a lot of other stuff as well. Like Heroin. Really logical.

    Anyway getting back on topic, these guys are still looking for someone to be in their documentary. I have had a few mails with them and they sound genuine enough to me:

    “This is not a judgmental series, our interest is in the science of drugs, not the morality”

  6. The problem is, while remaining non judgmental, you just know they’re gonna pick the most dodgy looking window licker to speak for the “average smoker”.. xD

  7. I don’t believe this for a second. The BBC has a long history of making anti cannabis documentaries. They grab a dirty chav smoking out in the local park and call that the average user. They interview ex hippies. They even had one guy who lived in his home watching tv and smoking all day who said weed ruined his life. Bullshit, you ruined your life yourself.

    They will never interview middle or upper class smokers like doctors or lawyers.

    They distort and repeat erroneous information like the skunk myth and the bullshit link to schizophrenia (long ago debunked).

    After the firing of Professor Nutt, its clear that the government bends to drink lobbyists, and so the BBC has to follow suit. Especially now that its conservative.

  8. You could well be correct Jim..

    This may have something to do with the fact that there are not many regular cannabis users in the UK willing to come forward because of the law, however, as I hear the UK documentary is now not going ahead in the UK, (as they can’t find anybody suitable) they are going to do it in the US.

    I totally agree with you though in the past they have been less than impartial, and I remember the exact program you are talking about.

    I have stopped watching the BBC, (and most news actually) after they proved they are merely a mouthpiece for the US in times of trouble (like the wikileaks story which was buried).

    And yes poor Professor Nutt. It’s good he’s still making his voice heard though.

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