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There has been an explosion of CBD products appearing on the market in recent years. One cannot be blamed for being somewhat bewildered by the huge array of formats, brands and options.

Which CBD oil to buy is a difficult decision to make, especially as you are going to be putting this inside your body, you need to be certain that you are not consuming any sort of toxic substance whatsoever.

There is also the recent survey to take into consideration, which found that many CBD products sold online, or even on the high street, did not contain the CBD that they were labelled as containing. Buyer beware.

Whilst CBD is a relative newcomer to the cannabis scene, cannabis seeds and breeding are not, and two of the longest standing cannabis seed banks sell their own brands of CBD oil, so they will be my first recommendations.

Both of these companies have well established seed brands so you can rest assured that you will be getting the best possible product.

You’ll be able to see from the reviews that the products do their job, so make sure you check them out. All of these oils are ‘full spectrum’ so contain a diverse set of cannabinoids along with the CBD. They contain very low amounts of THC so will not have any ‘stoned’ type effect from use.

The third company Clever Botanics  have very quickly become well known and respected for their great range of CBD products and personal customer service.

They sell an extensive range of CBD oils, waxes, creams and edibles that come with the highest possible recommendation including oil from the highly rated Swiss company, Kannaswiss.

Sensi Seeds CBD Oil.  2.75% – 30ml

Sensi Seeds CBD oil is sold as a food supplement which is based on cannabidiol.

Each bottle of 30ml Sensi Seeds CBD oil has approximately 825mg of CBD (Cannabidiol).

Their full spectrum extract is created from hemp plants grown within the EU, completely avoiding the addition pesticides or herbicides, so that a safe product of the absolute highest quality is made.

Dutch Passion CBD Oil. 5% 15ml

Dutch Passion’s CBD Oil has been tested at 5% CBD (Cannabidiol) and comes mixed with hemp seed oil. Known as CBD Compassion Extract, this CBD oil is available as a dietary supplement.

Dutch Passion uses CO2 extraction for the creation of their oil, so it is 100% solvent free.

The oil contains other cannabinoids such as CBC and CBG, and will definitely not give you a high feeling.

Kannaswiss 6% CBD Oil. 10ml

KannaSwiss are one of the leading Swiss producers of CBD. Their hemp is created using organics and is tested in Switzerland by an external laboratory.

Their array of CBD products are now being used worldwide thanks to the unique hemp extract varieties of KannaSwiss.

Congratulations to the dedicated farmers who are responsible for growing and harvesting the excellent KannaSwiss organic hemp.

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