Who are the best weed dealers on Dream Market?

by dope smoker on September 5, 2018

Who are the best weed dealers on Dream Market?
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So if you’ve read my earlier article about how to buy cannabis online you’ll know that I have my favourite go-to guy on Dream. (Tor Link)

There are many other reliable vendors out there that also deserve a mention so I’ve put together a list of the top 5 dealers currently operating on Dream Market.

ShineybudsUK has built up an excellent reputation, if you want quality and reliability this is your man. He also has some very sexy products from the US in from time to time as well as other goodies.

I had a chat with a friend who also uses Dream Market a lot and some more names came up that we were both familiar with as well as some new ones.

It’s obviously straightforward to go and search people out yourself by examining the ratings on each dealer but perhaps this may save you some time.

Here’s the list we came up with and comments for each dealer.

If you go and log-in to Dream Market (Tor Browser is needed to open this link) and then just copy the name of the seller below to the search box at the top right-hand corner of the screen and then search and you’ll find their products and profiles so you can see for yourself.

1. ShineyBudsUK (4.97 out of 3200 ratings)

From my experience the gold standard in cannabis delivery. New strains regularly and always tremendous quality. Invariably next day delivery if ordered in time. Cannot fault the service.

2. Radarbreeder (4.97 out of 6400 ratings)

Radarbreeder is pretty good, excellent quality gear, quick delivery and usually has several new strains about.

3. DrugsIncUK (4.98 out of 2850 ratings)

Are great for high-quality bud, good flavours and a few quite unusual strains definitely worth checking out.

4. Rawsforlife (4.91 out of 4500 ratings)

Usually has a good selection of edibles, interesting hashes and some Spanish imports.

5. Marleys-shop (4.92 out of 760 ratings)

Does some good quality, clean and affordable Spanish bud.

6. ShadyOperations (4.97 out of 980 ratings)

Reliable and good value weed as described. Used quite a few times, cheap and cheerful around £30 for an eighth.

7. Wearestoners (4.95 out of 410 ratings)

Just found these guys. Decent Jack Herer at a good price with NDD means they’re an instant favourite.

Clearly, all these vendors utilise professional stealth delivery methods otherwise they would be unable to build up such good reputations. They are not scammers. I have personally used Shiney dozens of times and he has had a 100% delivery rate.

Somebody was asking me about ordering hash and though I have not ordered any for a while I did find that there are people sending high-quality hashish direct from Nepal. Check out JariBootiWalla, he is looking perfect for getting hold of genuine Nepalese shish.

Whilst some hash from Nepal will very occasionally get intercepted, by the looks of these guys ratings plenty does make it through. Ordering cannabis directly from somewhere like India or Nepal should be what ‘Globalization’ is about (it’s not though) and is undoubtedly going to have a direct and positive effect on the local economy. Go Bitcoin.

If you’ve had enough of strong UK hydroponic weed that makes you paranoid you might want to check out some of the product that is grown in the sun in Spain.

And here’s the full list of Dream Market mirror URLs just in case:


Got your own recommendations for trusted people? Please leave them below in the comments:

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