Bomb Seeds Widow Bomb – the most explosive widow ever

Widow Bomb SeedsIf you think White Widow is ‘da bomb, get ready for an eye-opener. With a 25% THC rating, Widow Bomb makes those other seeds eat her dust! If we had to describe this one in one word, it would be “MORE!” This savage beauty has more power, more crystals, more yield, more stone, more everything.

Bomb Seeds did more than just amp up the power rating with Widow Bomb. Instead of the wispy structure that most Sativa-dominant Widows exhibit, this revised version is more compact with a thicker form that’s much easier to manage. Even though the rock-hard buds are unbelievably heavy due to a mega-dose of sticky THC crystals, Widow Bomb needs little extra support to prevent breakage.

Widow Bomb hits both the mind and the body like a hammer! This is great news for experienced stoners with a high tolerance level, but this kind of power could knock an uninitiated newcomer flat on their ass. Take care with this one!

If Widow Bomb was any better, she’d be lethal!

The Widow Bomb Specs:

Heritage: 75% White Widow/25% Bomb #1
Type: Indica/Sativa Hybrid
Finish: 8 to 10 Weeks
Power: 20 to 25% THC
Yield: 450 to 550 gr/m2:
Effect: Intense with Physical & Mental Impacts
Sex: Regular & Feminized

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