How to buy cannabis on Empire Market

by dope smoker on August 25, 2019

Here are some instructions on how to order weed from Empire Market.

Follow them step by step and before you know it you’ll have something lovely coming through your letter box.

Before you start ensure you have some Bitcoin ready to go.

1. Download and install the Tor Browser.

Tor is a web browser the same as Firefox or Chrome except it uses addresses that end with ‘.onion’ and not .com. It enables you to use websites anonymously. Once you start it up it can take a few seconds until it is ready to use.

You can just download it and install it.  You might find it easier to open this page in Tor.

2. Make account on Empire Market using the Tor Browser.

Empire is currently one of the easiest places to find uk cannabis dealers online, and is increasing its user base day by day. It can be very slow, so if you are having problems, be patient and try again in 10 minutes.

No need to use your email address, just use this link to create an account (Tor link, ensure you open in Tor) so you can then log in to Empire Market and place your orders.  Empire does go on and offline a lot lately. It can be used easily though. Workaround below. 

If you are having problems go to this website. You should be able to find a working Empire Link from there and open the url using the Tor browser. 

Next click ‘Register’ and complete the form as shown below, make sure you include the invite code 478998 as shown.

3. Send Bitcoin from wallet to the Empire Wallet.

Once you have logged in to Empire, look for the ‘BTC’ letters at the top right next to your profile name.

Just to the right of that you can click on the number 0 and you will be taken to your Bitcoin wallet page.

You will need to click on ‘Generate Bitcoin Deposit Address’ and then a long address will be generated which you can send your funds to from your personal wallet. They may take 15 or 20 minutes to show up there once you have sent them. Don’t panic.

4. Place your weed order.

I can make a couple of recommendations here.

ShineyBudsUK. He only sells decent weed and offers outstanding customer service, with weed normally arriving next day if ordered in the morning in the UK during the week. Yes really.

You can find easily find him on Empire with the Tor browser.  Now you are logged in scroll down slightly so you can see the search box to the left and then search for ‘ShineyBudsUK’ as shown on the image below:

(Also to check out there is ‘Radarbreeder‘ – he’s on Empire and is very reliable with an excellent reputation on numerous markets built up over recent years.)

There are obviously many other options. Always read their reviews first.  You will be able to find hash, skunk, edibles, oils, cali tins, shatter etc.

I normally stick with UK vendors to avoid packages going through customs, but plenty of people get deliveries from Spain and Germany without problem. You can also filter vendors geographically.

Once the search listings appear, as shown below you can then click on his name to go to his profile:

From here you will see a button to the right hand side which says ‘view store’.

Click on this to then see all of Shiney’s listings:

Now simply choose your product. Just click on whichever you fancy and the product page will appear, as you can see below.

Once you have pressed the buy button you will be taken to the next page where you enter your delivery details.

Make sure that you check the small box (also circled in red) to encrypt your address.

Shiney always delivers. Order with confidence.


5. Important. Finalise

Once you have finished doing your little dance when the weed arrives, remember the vendor – he hasn’t been paid yet so you MUST log back in to Empire, go to your orders page and click the large finalise button to complete the order and release funds to the vendor.

That way they will not end up getting very frustrated with you. 🙂

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