Can you buy Sensi Seeds in the UK?

Sensi Seeds, one of Europe’s finest cannabis seed banks, is based in Amsterdam, Holland.

As Holland is vaguely connected with cannabis, some UK residents have expressed worry about ordering seeds from there – really there is no problem. I have done so many times without issue.

If the police tracked and investigated every pack of cannabis seeds sent to the UK from Holland there would be little time for them to do anything else. Sensi always dispatch using very business like packaging also.

If, however you simply must order your seeds from a UK company then I would recommend The Vault, who I have used several times, and are trustworthy enough to send the correct seeds.

In the past I have ordered from (a very well known seedbank), but they sent me rubber seeds instead of the (Sensi) seeds I ordered, and never rectified the issue. So be careful out there.

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5 thoughts on “Can you buy Sensi Seeds in the UK?”

  1. Rubber seeds? That’s bizarre!
    Were they actually fake seeds or real cannabis seeds which might as well have been rubber because they were non-viable?

    Thanks for the mention re. sending seeds to the UK. We’ve never noticed a problem with packages going through the British postal system.

    JFTR, if anyone would like to see what Sensi Seeds mail-order packages look like, there’s an image here:

    Be well and stay safe!

  2. Be assured that the Sensi Seeds packaging is very discreet and also sturdy enough to fully protect the seeds when they are being sorted by the high-speed ‘rollers’ at the post office- some seed companies don’t allow for this and as small envelopes are sorted by being rolled between heavy cylinders in most places, seeds can end up crushed to powder.

    You can have a look ar how Sensi package their seeds for sending here:

    Cheers 🙂

    Red HashMuseum

  3. The seeds of rubber trees look to be about 100x larger than cannabis seeds (going by google image search).

    The two types of seed have a similar ‘tiger stripe’ coating, but cannabis seeds are about 5mm across, while rubber plant seeds are about the size of a large grape – about 30-50mm across. So we don’t think the two types of seed could be mistaken for each other.

    What probably happened is that the cannabis seeds you were sent were either non-viable or died in the soil after being sown. The rubber plants that came up in the place the seeds were planted were just a coincidence.

    It’s best to pre-germinate seeds (with moist tissue between two plates) and only sow them in a growing medium after the first millimetre or two of root has emerged from the casing.
    See here:

    In any case, if you’d ordered those seeds direct from Sensi Seeds and they failed to germinate, would probably have been able to resolve the matter for you.

    All the best for 2012!

    Sensi Seeds

  4. Happy New Year to you too.

    Thanks for your theory. It was a long time ago now. 

    They looked like small rubber plants actually, that was just a guess.

    What I do know is that I planted five seeds in a line and five plants came up in a line.  I think this was not a coincidence. It was what I planted.

    I am over it now, but I know what I saw!

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