Can you buy weed online in the UK?

How to buy weed online in the UK

Yes. Here’s how to buy weed with your phone in the UK. Or EU.

Instructions are for Android and will work on an iPhone.

The only difference being that on the iPhone you should download Ornet instead of Tor. This is by far the best Tor equivalent for iPhone.

Let’s get started:

1. Download the Exodus Wallet.

Exodus is one of the best wallets that you can use. It is secure and very easy to navigate.

Check out their reviews if you are unsure.

Exodus also has a super simple way to buy Bitcoin which is built into the wallet (using Ramp) making purchasing small amounts of crypto straightforward.

Download here for Android.

Or here for the iPhone.

2. Buy Bitcoin.

Once your wallet is installed press the dashboard button on the right hand side of the navigation area.

This is the little icon with the four squares which the blue arrow is pointing to as shown.

3. Click ‘Buy Crypto’.

Now simply press the ‘Buy Crypto’ button which the blue arrow is pointing to.

4. Select amount and buy.

Select the amount that you want to buy. I would recommend £45 or £50.

If you buy a small amount (ie less than $100) then you won’t have to go through any verification process and you can buy Bitcoin using your card quickly.

Your BTC wallet address on Exodus is automatically included in the checkout, so you don’t need to tell them where to send it to.

Go through the purchase process and your Bitcoin will appear in your Exodus wallet once complete.

This will take a few minutes.

5. Download Tor Browser.

Now Download Tor (Android) or if you are on iPhone download Ornet.

Install it and then open it.

6. Create Account on Medicine Man.

Sign up to Medicine Man using this link. The whole process should take just a few seconds.

Make sure you can remember your password and username, or write it down.

7. Go to your wallet section.

Go to the wallet area.

Use the menu at the top right as shown to go to ‘My Account’ and then select the ‘My Wallet’ link.

Input how much you want to send to Medicine Man (£45 will more than cover you for an 1/8, including shipping).

It’s better to send slightly more, then you wont have to repeat the process. Each time you send BTC a small transaction fee is paid.

8. Proceed to checkout.

Once you have selected the amount go to checkout.

Obviously you haven’t selected any product yet, (don’t panic) just press the checkout button and you will be taken to the next screen.

You have to top up your wallet before ordering.

9. Get wallet address.

Now copy the full Bitcoin address as shown by the blue arrow. This is your Bitcoin address for this top up.

Some if it has been blacked out on this image.

Be very careful here as if you get this wrong then your Bitcoin will not go where you want it to.

Make sure you have copied the full address correctly.

10. Send from Exodus.

Now go back to your Exodus wallet and whilst in the Bitcoin section click on the upward pointing arrow icon shown below to get the ‘Send BTC’ screen.

Paste in your wallet address in the area shown by the blue arrow and input the amount to send.

Once sent it will take a few minutes to appear in your Medicine Man wallet area.

11. Go shopping.

You are now all set to buy some weed! I’m sure you don’t need a guide to putting products in your basket. You got this.

Find yourself a nice looking bit of bud and add it.

You might want to check out the very useful review section which is shown under a tab for all products.

12. Checkout your item.


Here you’ll need to select which cryptocurrency you are using.

Select Bitcoin as shown.

13. Select shipping options.

Select the required shipping option.

This is pretty self explanatory.

14. Final stage.

Enter your mailing address and complete the order.

Do not use fake names and don’t use any special characters like commas, just the name and address.

Now await delivery!

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