Dutch cannabis cafes to close to tourists

No longer will brits be able to score in coffee shops
Well that’s the end of an era for drug tourism.

Cannabis cafes set to become private clubs, no entry for tourists

Where will all the frustrated British smokers go now to get a bit of quality weed?

May I suggest Spain?

Cannabis culture in Spain may not be quite as in your face as it is, or was in the Netherlands, but it is just as popular, if not more so.

The are places like Granada, and decent cannabis is very easy to find in most major Spanish cities, especially if you can speak a little Spanish.

And in Spain, you will struggle to find soap bar with pieces of plastic in it.

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5 thoughts on “Dutch cannabis cafes to close to tourists”

  1. oh well
    gonna go Spain instead, at least I saw the sights in Amsterdam when I was younger
    Alicante needs another visit anyway!

  2. On the bright side, this proposed discrimination against non-Dutch EU citizens is unlikely to take effect in Amsterdam.

    The Mayor has openly stated that he thinks it’s a bad idea, that it will drastically decrease tourism (Dam’s most important industry) and increase criminality.

    Some border towns will take the opportunity to be stupid, and discourage the ‘criminal element’ (generally harmless border-hopping Germans), but I doubt tourists will actually be prevented from visiting Amsterdam coffeeshops any time in the next five years.

    One of the main reasons for passing this legislation is that the xtian-democrat govt. wants the appearance of Doing Something about the cannabis ‘problem’, but even they are not stupid enough to actually throw away a billion+ euros of tourist cash every year. Easier to act as though something is being done without actually rocking the boat too much.

    By way of comparison, the ban on magic mushrooms – not enforced in Amsterdam (partly due to the Mayor’s objections); the ban on tobacco smoking indoors (whether mixed with cannabis or by itself) – largely ignored after a few months of compliance.

    Dam is quite resistant to radical change. And JFTR, cannabis seeds are very likely to remain legal in Holland and most of the rest of the EU for the foreseeable future!

    [BTW – this is not to argue against Spain as a great holiday destination – it is! Just that the Amsterdam coffeeshops are VERY unlikely to be turning away tourists any time soon.

  3. To be honest I’m sick of dutch weed a few months ago I traveled  to Breda only to be sold henna as hash and sprayed weed, my friends and I then proceeded on to Amsterdam and were sold more shit there, I found some reasonable smoke aswell but most of it was shit

    Ive actually given up buying weed in the UK as it is either contaminated with dangerous particles/sugar water or it is moldy and damp 

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