Is growing cannabis outside a good idea?

Cannabis grows well in the UK

There are many many advantages to growing your weed outside in the UK.

Most people don’t even realise that it’s possible.

1. Less chance of detection

Indoor grow rooms generate a lot of noise, smell and are a sure fire way to attract attention to yourself via an electricity bill or other giveaway. Much care is needed to avoid plod. This is not the case outside, even if you grow at home. Many people don’t – they prefer to find a small plot in the wild somewhere. This is called guerilla growing.

2. Much lower costs

Running a 500 watt light for 18 hours a day is not cheap, trust me. And that’s just one light – the minimum required for a decent grow.

3. Easier for the beginner

If you are going to go down the lights and hydroponics route there’s a heck of a lot to learn about nutrients and such like. Growing in soil is much more straightforward and the plants are afforded a layer of protection in the soil. So if you put a little too much fertilizer on they may survive. In a hydroponic environment there is less margin for error, so it’s easier to kill the plants.

4. Better for the environment

You wouldn’t be burning up any extra energy – just using the power of the sun.

5. Better quality weed

Weed grown in the sun, especially in the earth itself, tastes much better than hydroponically grown weed and has a much nicer high. (I base this on 20 years smoking experience, most days.)

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