CBD For Chronic Pain: Can You Benefit From Using Your CBD Oil For Pain Relief?

Nowadays, cannabidiol (CBD) is everywhere you look, being added to a growing number of products. CBD is considered one of the most beneficial supplements able to help with everything starting from anxiety and stress to insomnia and various skin issues.  CBD oil is also attracting increasing attention from the medical and mainstream media regarding its … Read more

CBD Oil for Pain Management: How Does It Work And What Are The Effects?

There has been much talk of CBD (the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant) and with a good reason. Studies show that this component is more powerful than we thought and has numerous health benefits which are often shadowed by the controversy surrounding the popular plant. You have probably heard that many people use marijuana … Read more

Looking for CBD Buds in the UK? Find out more here

buying cbd buds at hemp elf

Where to buy CBD buds Clever Botanics are who I would recommend as a first choice. Their store that has a variety of CBD products as well as CBD flower, terpenes and vape liquids. Their range has been expanded recently (around 25 types of bud) and includes some strains that start from around £5 per … Read more