How much is a weed plant worth?

. So often now we hear another depressing headline: Cannabis with a street value of twelve zillion pounds was recovered by the police. Gosh, didn’t the police do well to get soo much weed. Or it’s: £10 million of marijuana seized at port. It’s an interesting idea to explore, the value of a weed plant. … Read more

Blocked by Adsafe Media – hurrah

So this morning I seem to have been visited by the self appointed Internet police. I mean, ‘Adsafe Media’. I take this as a great compliment. I suspect this may have been a result of my linking out to various government tourist departments from my recent article on holidays for dope smokers. Here’s what I … Read more

World Chart of Cannabis Use

You may remember the marvellous world map of cannabis use, from not long ago. Well I found some new data, and present you with this beautiful chart. Go Canada! And what is going on in Papua New Guinea, really? Some sort of sensible local control of the plant? And why is Jamaica so low? Below … Read more

10 Quick Facts About Weed. Or Marijuana, Cannabis, Dope, Hash, Draw.

1. It staves off the ultimate form of memory loss – Alzheimer’s. Recent studies on mice suggest that anti-inflammatories found in cannabis prevent the clumping of brain proteins, one major cause of the disease. More Info. 2. Skunk is giving Marijuana a bad name. Before the arrival of skunk, Marijuana wasn’t seen a such a … Read more