Five things I wish someone had told me when I first started growing weed

If you have ever grown marijuana before, you probably remember what it was like trying to figure it out for your first time. The amount of information found online and elsewhere is absolutely overwhelming if you don’t really know what you’re looking for. Additionally, there are many complex aspects to growing. This article is written … Read more

Magnum – finally autoflowering cannabis worth growing

Something needs to be said about these things. I have been growing autos outside now for five years. I have tried a lot of brands. Dinafem, Lowryder, Flash Seeds and others. All have been OK but just that. Yield has always been a disappointment, despite pictures of other people taking ounces off similar plants. But … Read more

Grow Northern LED Light Review

I’ve had the Grow Northern MS006 LED for a while now, and have been really pleased with performance so far. I’ve grown out a couple of strains on it (this is the unit that runs at around 180 watts – almost nothing) and have not noticed a real difference between this unit and a 400 … Read more

Autoflowering Cannabis

Most cannabis seeds available today are photoperiod-dependent. However, certain wild varieties flower according to a different set of triggers, and these varieties are said to be “autoflowering”. Wild autoflowering varieties are often unsuitable for indoor grows, but modern breeding techniques have enabled us to hybridise autoflowering strains with photoperiod-dependent strains to produce a whole new … Read more

Choosing your variety: Regular or Feminised?

Cannabis is relatively unusual in the world of flowering plants, in that it has separate male and female plants. For purposes of growing high-potency herbal cannabis, the male is unnecessary and is in fact a hindrance. Breeders have therefore poured time and resources into developing seeds that will produce only female plants on germination. When … Read more