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The Dawn of Drive-Thru Coffeeshops in the Netherlands!

Photo: Farzaad In the heart of the Netherlands, a revolutionary concept has emerged, blending the convenience of fast food with ...
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Revolutionize Your Run: The Surprising Impact of Cannabis on Running!

In the world of health and fitness, we are constantly exploring new ways to enhance our workout experiences. One such ...
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Revolutionising Green Gold: The Race to Save Morocco’s Ancient Cannabis Seeds

In the verdant northern regions of Morocco, a quiet revolution is taking place. The protagonists of this story are not ...
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Germany’s Cannabis Law: A Step Forward or a Leap Backwards?

In a world where the conversation around cannabis is shifting from criminalisation to legalisation, Germany's proposed cannabis law has sparked ...
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The Gateway Drug You Didn’t Expect: Alcohol Takes Centre Stage

In the ongoing debate about substance use, a new study has turned the tables on the long-held belief that cannabis ...
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The Winds of Change: European Parliament Takes Historic Step Towards Cannabis Reform

In an unprecedented move, the European Parliament recently held its first-ever debate on cannabis reform. This marks a monumental step ...
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Game Changer: Can Cannabis Shield Athletes’ Brains from Head Injuries?

The Cannabis Craze Among Athletes Cannabis, the once notorious plant, is now gaining new popularity among athletes. With its legalisation ...
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Jersey Hemp Fights Back: A Battle for Fair Trade and Justice

Jersey Hemp, a pioneering company in the cannabis cultivation industry, is standing up against what it perceives as an unjust ...