Quotes from Terence Mckenna

Transcribed from a 1991 interview Trialogue with Ralph Abraham, Rupert Sheldrake. I noticed there was no online record of this excellent discussion. Please forgive me for only transcribing Terence’s stuff, it was a long chat: Well our subject this afternoon is cannabis, a subject that is of interest to large numbers of people, though it’s … Read more

Hookah Pipes

Hookah pipes, or ‘Hookah Shisha pipes’ are one of the oldest ways in the world of ingesting cannabis. They work with a special hot brick, and plenty of people enjoy smoking tobacco or weed in this way. They were originally made in India but became popular in the middle east, and are growing in number … Read more

No more fags for me

I still find it entertaining that ‘smoking fags’ in English means something entirely different in the US. So after about 20 years I finally stopped smoking fags (cigarettes) a few months back. This is how I smoke hashish now. It works, but is not ideal. Kind of an up and a down at the same … Read more