Why Are CBD Gummies Getting So Popular in the EU & UK?

They’re sweet. They’re chewy.

But most of all, they’re infused with CBD to provide relief.

With the sweet nostalgic tastes of childhood, paired with the sophisticated, much-needed punch of CBD, people are taking to stores and online dispensaries to purchase a bag.

But this begs the question: Why exactly are CBD gummies so popular?

CBD gummies are made of flavonoids, terpenes, and CBD extracts, which work together to produce an entourage effect.

The result? An incredible CBD experience.

What Exactly are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are your simple gummy candies, like gummy bears or gummy worms, infused with CBD.

With the rise of studies determining the effectiveness of CBD as a remedy for many physical and mental ailments, more users are looking for CBD-infused products across food, hygiene, and skincare.

These products contain flavonoids, terpenes, and hemp extracts in varying amounts, encouraging the entourage effect and maximizing the impact of cannabidiol.

Short for Cannabidiol, CBD is a cannabinoid that is found within the Cannabis Sativa plant. Other compounds like tetrahydrocannabinol are psychoactive, whereas CBD is not.

In other words, CBD will not leave you with hallucinative effects.

How Are They Made?

Cannabidiol-infused gummies are filled with hemp extracts, additives and sweeteners to create a jelly texture.

Their ordinary appearance enables people to openly consume them in public without feeling shame or fear, especially when they yearn to treat their health.

They’re Very Adaptable to Different Personal Needs

Since many individuals are not interested in smoking the plant to achieve the benefits of CBD, this is a far more trusted pathway to doing so. CBD gummies are offered in various strengths and potencies, making them that much more adaptable to different types of consumers.

Those who are not accustomed to CBD tend to appreciate gummies for their simple consumption experience. There is no preparatory work required, unlike with oils and tinctures.

They Can Provide Long-Lasting Relief

As CBD gummies contain safe and sustainable extracts, their effects tend to be longer-lasting, making for signifcant pain and anxiety relief.

Unlike over-the-counter medications, CBD will not cause any major adverse side effects or reactions. Especially in the form of gummy bears, which are novel chews for the average person, people can taste the sweetness while experiencing relief gradually as a result.


The Dosages Come In Measured Amounts

CBD gummies are appropriately infused with the right amount of CBD extract, allowing the consumer to taste at their pleasure rather than measuring a specific dosage for each use.

This is largely helpful to beginners because they will be aware of the potency on the packaging, which will inform how much they take.

CBD Can Enhance Your Mood & Appetite

If you’re looking to experience relief for pain, inflammation, or fatigue, CBD might be the solution. Its mood-enhancing capabilities create a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Enhancing your mood and metabolic activity with CBD can also increase appetite, which benefits most people who lack a balanced diet.

Other Top Ways CBD Can Support Your Overall Health

Pain Management

There’s a wide range of physical benefits that come with CBD, thanks to its anti-emetic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Benefits to pain management include:

  • Prevents nausea
  • Eases the management of chronic and acute pain
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Prevents insomnia
  • Reduces blood pressure

Skin Health

CBD can even give you that glowy, healthy skin you deserve because it has anti-oxidative properties which enhance skin health.

The skin benefits of CBD include:

  • Prevents acne
  • Reduces redness and swelling
  • Counteracts irritation from psoriasis and eczema

Mental Health

With its ability to activate serotonin receptors, CBD is effective in calming the mind and reducing anxiety.

Benefits for mental health include:

  • Alleviates anxiety
  • Combats depression
  • Relieves migraines
  • Counteracts Alzheimer’s disease

Online Shopping In UK & Europe

Purchasing CBD online is legal in the UK, as well as several countries throughout Europe.

What to look out for when shopping online


When shopping for CBD online, it’s essential to look for reviews so that you can see how other customers felt after taking the product. Having this knowledge beforehand allows you to think further about making a purchase. If a merchant does not have any reviews, it’s better that you don’t purchase any products because doing so will be a risk to your health.


To get the best experience possible, evaluate the quality of the product. Compare the reviews of previous customers, read the product descriptions, and read up on the business. Knowing how they produce their CBD products will strengthen your perception.


What’s better than receiving rewards for making CBD purchases? At Canna Union, we’re happy to offer our loyal customers rewards for them to use towards redeeming products or orders. It’s our way of showing appreciation or choosing Canna Union as your CBD provider.


Having various products to choose from is widely beneficial because it enables customers to have more variety in their shopping experience. Not every customer is the same, especially in taste preference. Each of our gummies products assorted favours so that customers can experience different favours.

Fast shipping/delivery

With CBD gummies, it’s no surprise that customers want their products fast and with discreet delivery. Canna Union specializes in both. We offer fast shipping across the UK and EU, and on top of that, each order is packaged in ordinary packaging. This way, customers don’t have to worry about people seeing what they’ve gotten delivered.

Customer support

With 24/7 service, you’re able to receive answers to all of your questions promptly. Having help throughout your shopping journey will make it much easier for you to purchase CBD products.

Now available with high-quality product options.

Canna Union offers premium, hand-crafted CBD gummies to give you a relaxing experience filled with relief, relaxation, and calmness. Use the coupon code above and purchase a bag today.

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