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Dry herb vaporizers or weed vaporizers have propelled marijuana users by leaps and bounds. Not only has it become more discreet to go about their day but it has helped marijuana to be in less of a bad light. Whether it is recreational marijuana use or medical marijuana, dry herb vape pens have taken away the stereotypical stoner stigma. With the more expensive and classy looking vaporizers coming out, you notice more celebrities and professional career individuals coming out about their marijuana usage. Many new herbal vaporizers have come out from portable ones to desktop at home units. With vaporizers quickly on its way to become a $53.8 billion market in 2025, more and more vaporizer companies will be coming out with new innovations. Marijuana is also becoming less restrictive in a lot of places worldwide so that only helps speed things up.

All vaporizers work differently and that is what makes them unique. One can be better with temperature controls, one can be better for you personally because it has a larger chamber and another can be better for you because of the way it grips in your hand. There many portable herbal vaporizers but if you’re on a budget or are looking to start with your first dry herb vaporizer, check out our top dry herb vape pens of 2016 under $100.


What’s a dry herb vaporizer?

What a dry herb vaporizer does is heat up your herbs enough so the active ingredients of your herbs vaporize into vapor rather than them burning like they would if you smoked it. Smoking can create many different problems and illnesses. Inhaling vapor rather than smoke can be much more beneficial with less unwanted toxins. This means in the case for weed, THC would be vaporized and turned into vapor so your marijuana won’t turn into ash when you’re done.

A portable dry herb vaporizer is usually powered by a battery or butane and desktop herbal vapes are usually plugged into the electrical outlet. They come in different shapes and sizes but they’re usually small so they’re discreet except the desktop vaporizers. Stationary desktop vapes are meant to be used at home, not on the go. It contains a mouthpiece and a herbal heating chamber where your ground up dried herbs get loaded into. Some portable vapes can be very similar but you need to find out which one is your favorite. To begin, I would recommend a dual or triple use vaporizer with a temperature control setting. This will make you get used to the vaporizer by testing it out to your liking.

How to Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer

It’s fairly easy to use a herbal vaporizer pen. Once you get the hang of it, it will be second nature. Most portable vaporizers turn on by clicking the button 5 times quickly. Open the designated heating chamber that is either located in the mouthpiece or underneath it. Always make sure your herbs are ground up so they can get an even heat distribution all around. You do not want the inside of a nug to be clean and unheated but the outside completely vaporized. One packed bowl can go through a few vape cycles before you need to dump it out and re-pack it.

If your portable vape has a temperature setting then play with it until you get used to it. The higher the temperature means you will get more smoke but it will burn your herbs. Lower temperatures means you will get faint vapor but more flavor. As for which will give better effects of your herbs, that depends on your herbs but somewhere in the middle is fine.

Cleaning your Vaporizer

Cleaning is generally easy. Portable weed vaporizers come with small brushes. Use that to lightly clean your chamber to keep from particles going into hard to reach spots. This can cause build up and burn a coil. When using the brush be careful not to damage any coils. Sometimes you can use a lightly isopropyl soaked q tip to clean the residue off.

What’s the Different between Smoking and Vaping?

Many people that don’t know always question this and that’s good to question something rather than act like you know the answer. Smoking is known to cause many illnesses like emphysema, tuberculosis, bronchitis or even worse, lung cancer. Cigarettes are known to have over 4000 chemicals with at least 43 of them being carcinogens. Hot smoke that turns into tar can’t be good for your throat or lungs either. Vaporizers provide many benefits, especially for the ill that have lung problems or arthritis and can’t light a lighter or roll a joint. Vapes are much healthier because they vaporize only the active ingredients off the surface to create into vapor. Everything else stays on your herbs and can be thrown away or used after. Already Been Vaped (ABV) or Already Vaped Bud (AVB) is vaporized marijuana that is then used to make edibles. So in case you were wondering, herbal vaporizers save and conserve a lot more.

Even medical marijuana patients that are using marijuana to calm their pains have throat or lung problems. This means they can’t smoke weed for the effects, not many people are comfortable with edibles so the alternative would be to vape.

Benefits to Vaporizing

There are a plethora of benefit when it comes to vaping. First of all, you will improve your lungs. The amount of coughing and spitting mucous will drop drastically just in the first month. It goes without even saying you won’t smell bad from your clothes to your breath. You will save a lot more money with your herbs being stretched out longer. Smoke destroys more active ingredients because it burns at a higher temperature. With a marijuana vaporizer heating up around 356°F to 392°F so it does not burn it.

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