My initial review of the Arizer Solo

Arizer Solo
The Arizer Solo Portable Vaporiser

Well, I love it. That is what I am thinking. This thing is the dogs bollocks.

I own an Extreme Q vape so I have something to compare. Initial observations are:

-A very well made piece of kit, which you really must not drop
-Heats up fast, and is ready for use quicker than the Extreme
-East to generate dense clouds of vapor, several hits from one loading (at least 3 big ones)
-Handles hash better than the Extreme. May require slight cleaning of the heating element afterwards but definitely works fine for hash
-Smaller loading area than the Extreme, and it helps if you fit your own (trimmed down) screen to the glass pipe
-Seems more difficult to ‘suck’ on it, you think it’s not working for a second but it is, and you soon get used to that

The freedom this device provides is fantastic. No longer is vaporising something you can only do at home.

I have ordered the cigarette lighter charger also so I can take this on long journeys without a problem. I am very happy with this little baby. It rocks. Thankyou Arizer – it’s a life changing device, this is. Get one. You will not be disappointed.

Available at Namaste

UPDATE 28.2.12

It is only right that I let you know what has happened.

The stuff of nightmares. In less than a week I have broken both pipes of the solo.

I didn’t think that I was a particularly accident prone kind of person, maybe I am. I am lucky that I still own an extreme q (already bust all the whips that came with it and have bought spares..) so I can still vaporise, but if I had bought this and only this to vaporise then I would be pretty pissed off by now.

My advice to you is buy spare pipes. Don’t wait. Buy plenty of spares when you buy the thing (it comes with 2) or you may end up like the very sad solo shown in the picture below. These pipes could be stronger in design, I think, though we do have a lot of stone floors in our place, this could have made things worse. Oh dear me.

Broken arizer solo
Try to avoid this.
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