Full cannabis legalisation a possibility in Portugal

The potential approval of marijuana legalization might soon be presented in the Portuguese Parliament, with political motivation and agreement enabling rapid change.

During the “March for Cannabis” demonstration, representatives from various political parties, both in power and opposition, participated and indicated that the proposal for legalizing cannabis could be submitted to parliament in 2023.

The steps of the Assembly of the Republic building hosted several attendees of the March for Cannabis, organized by the Mothers for Cannabis Association Movement, following the rally that began at Largo do Camões.

It was during the speeches that numerous political leaders disclosed the possibility of cannabis regulation and legalisation in the near future in Portugal.

As per Francisco Themudo, National Secretary for Rights, Liberties, and Assurances of the Socialist Youth, who spoke to the audience, there might be the desire, but most importantly, the essential political circumstances to advance comprehensive marijuana regulation.

Smoking is an act of freedom

The leader expressed that “smoking is an act of freedom, and we have the right to do it safely,” advocating for a legal structure where the cannabis plant is not prohibited.

Fabien Figueiredo, former representative for the Bloco de Esquerda and advocate of the 2021 bill to legalize personal consumption
Confirmation that cannabis is more than just a conversation topic in the halls of São Bento came from Rodrigo Saraiva, the Deputy of the Liberal Initiative.

He informed the attendees that parliament might even start discussing proposals in 2023, “already with some prior consensus.”

Fabien Figueiredo, a former Bloco de Esquerda member, also confirmed the party’s willingness to contribute to the conversation and legalization of marijuana in Portugal.

The ex-Bloc representative had presented a proposal in 2021 to legalize cannabis for personal consumption, which failed to pass through the government at the end of the same year.

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