Germinating Your Cannabis Seeds: The Saucer Technique

This is a good method for beginners, as it is simple and uses items on hand in most households. You will need at least one saucer, as well as something to use a protective lid – this could be another saucer or even just plastic wrap. You will also need tissue or cotton wool, which must be soaked in water to provide a slow-release source of moisture to the seeds.

Line the saucer with the moist tissue and gently place the cannabis seeds onto the tissue. Cover the saucer with a second saucer or whatever you have chosen to act as a lid. Make sure to place the saucer in a warm place—near a radiator, next to the boiler, or if you don’t mind splashing out on extras, a heating pad is a great idea.

Make sure to check the seeds every day, and if the tissue is drying out, add more water. After two to three days, the seeds should all have sprouted, and may have tap-roots of a couple of centimetres long. At this stage the seeds must be transferred into a more suitable growing medium, i.e soil, soil-less mix, or rock-wool.

Be very careful to avoid damaging the young, tender root as you remove it from the tissue, as the roots often grow between the layers of tissue and can become bonded to them. In fact, it is better to cut or gently tear the surrounding tissue rather than tug the root out too vigorously. A few scraps of remaining tissue will not harm the growing seedling.

After one or two days on moist tissue, your seeds should all have sprouted.

Source: Sensi Seeds