Thinking about taking some hash on holiday?

by dope smoker on June 10, 2010


Thinking about taking some hash on holiday?

So, all sensible opinion would suggest flying with hash or weed is a ridiculous idea, what with all the scanners, guns, dogs and god knows what else they have at the airports. Some people just have to be sure they have some though, and I appreciate that.

Lots of people do fly with weed.

It’s easier to take a little bit of hash though. Some people I know recommend just carrying a tiny bit in your hand, which can be dropped. Or a small piece in your mouth. You get a bit more bang for your buck with hash, and it generally doesn’t smell as much.

I have flown out of London on an international flight with a little bit of hash. I had made it smell proof using plastic bags and wax, and it was in a little cotton bag in my groin. So I know it can be done. If traveling by sea ferries are an absolute doddle in my humble opinion – just make sure you’re in a car.

Remember they aren’t looking for people who have a tiny bit of hash with them. Unless of course you are going to Dubai.

In general, the authorities are looking for people with lots of cocaine up their bottom, that sort of thing. It is really none of their business if you have a small bit of naturally occurring plant matter with you.

Do you fly with weed? If so how do you stash it?

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