Himalayan Gold – Seeds for Huge Cannabis Plants

by dope smoker on March 22, 2011

Himalayan Gold – Seeds for Huge Cannabis Plants
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These guys have been off my radar for some reason. Himalayan Gold has heritage in the India Himalaya and Nepal Himalaya – both places I have been to, and both places where I have smoked the most fantastic locally made hashish. It sounds like an awesome Indica.

I just watched the Greenhouse Seeds video which has clearly been around a while, if you haven’t seen it check these dudes out:


7 colas on one plant!!

You can get these at Seedsman or plenty of other seedbanks. I will definitley be putting these to the test outdoors this year. The potential yields sound awesome and if the smoke is anything vaguely resembling Nepalese Templeball or Indian charis then I think I will have a friend for life.

Anyone smoked this?

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