A Holiday Guide for Cannabis Smokers


Now that cannabis is becoming more accepted around the world, here’s a breakdown of weed friendly countries to bear in mind when planning your ideal stoner holiday.  There’s more than you might think:


Approximately two people a year are prosecuted here for cannabis related issues.



I hear that Cape Town is pretty good with different types of weed available. Cannabis was also made legal in the country of Comoros in the 1970s.



Cannabis is legal here in small amounts as long as it is consumed in private, though some public use by the young is tolerated outside the major cities.



Dope has been decriminalized in many parts of Australia including Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territories.

Nimbin is apparently the weed capital of Australia.



Yes Belgium! It is now apparently ok for adults to consume cannabis in their own homes up to 3 or 4 grammes. Finding it in Belguim may be a challenge however.



Weed use by the public is tolerated virtually everywhere. British Colombia has a particular reputation for ‘BC Bud’. Loads of weed is grown here. I would love to visit this place it looks beautiful.




Cannabis has been decriminalized here since 1994 for small amounts up to one gramme.

Czech Republic


Small amounts of weed are apparently tolerated here, as well as up to five plants in the home.



It has been legal to posses small amounts of cannabis in Germany since 1994.




Do I need to say anything? The Dutch have the most grown up cannabis policy in the world, and do not feature in lists of countries that have a ‘cannabis problem’. They lead the way, but are now getting pissed that people from neighbouring countries want to take advantage of their laws.




It is legal to grow cannabis in Iran for food purposes, though not to smoke it.  Smoking it is apparently widely tolerated however!




Though weed is not strictly legal here it is of course widely tolerated.  I hear it is difficult to leave the airport area at Montego Bay without scoring loads of great weed.




Recently the possession of small amounts of marijuana was decriminalized in Mexico.




Cannabis is widely tolerated here, and is an age old custom. Its open use by religious groups has never been stopped by any authority, and there are many large scale cannabis fields here.




In Peru you are allowed to possess up to 8 grammes of cannabis, as long as you aren’t holding any illegal substances as well as the weed.




The possession of small amounts of all drugs has been decriminalized here since 1999.




It is legal to posses up to 40 grammes, though smoking in public is not tolerated, generally speaking. 3 plants are allowed to be grown at home. Cannabis was legal during Franco’s stranglehold on the country. See article on Granada. Finding gear in Barcelona is now easy with the proliferation of cannabis clubs, you can find one online first and then go and visit.




Tolerated in small amounts for personal use at home. See article on Geneva. Laws vary substantially depending on the canton (county). Now a recreational test is to begin in Zurich.




Possession of small amounts of cannabis is tolerated. Update: Their government now plans to sell weed to the people!
If any of this info is wrong please let me know so I can update it.

If you own a cannabis friendly holiday resort, do let me know and I will add it to this page.

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9 thoughts on “A Holiday Guide for Cannabis Smokers”

  1. Gotta love the Czech Republic. Beautiful women, great beer, and up to five plants in every home! The recent criminal justice bill there also decriminalized carrying Ecstacy, LSD, and Cocaine. Giving it the most liberal drug laws on the planet. Perhaps not ironically it is run by conservatives who believe strongly in personal freedom to do what you wish with your body as long as you are not harming anyone else.

  2. That’s really weird! I came to leave a comment about Czech Repub too! Travelled all over Europe and spent 2 days in Czech on route to the Solipse festival in Hungary about 10 years ago and the good experience stuck in my head. Although I had weird experiences in Hungary and Slovakia, the Czechs were cool.

    Basically gave into them selling me it on the main square and ended up smoking it with the dealers and they took me and my and my mate around town (the bridge is beutiful). Great hotdogs (weird…but super cool stoner food). Cost 12p each. Mad!

    I sometimes get nervous in east Europe but I’ve always found the Poles and Czechs really nice people (importantly, the police too). As an English guy, I recommend people visit and support Czech Repub for:

    1. Being really nice people
    2. Having non-threatening drug laws

    Show your support…spend some cash there…tell ’em why you did it too!

  3. I live in BC and it really depends on the cop you get, personally I’ve never been fined because I’ve gotten nice cops, my friends who have been fined have only been fined from 30$-90$. 90$ only If they had a bong or a pipe on them. 30$ if just weed and rollies.

  4. Outside the main tourist traps I have never had much luck scoring in Spain or Italy and touring in a camper they are the places I want to avoid. I remember being all out of smoke in a quiet beach bar in Conil de la Frontera in Spain. When a very unassuming  guy with what looked like 10 or so 9oz bars in a plain white carrier bag walked in and sat in a corner buy himself. When he was called to a back room behind the bar I guessed I had been right and decided to approach the bar staff to enquire where I might buy a little piece of hash for the remainder of my vacation. Well the barman looked totally freaked and slowly the contents of the back room came out to take a look at the foreigner that had sussed them. I smiled and made the international sign for ‘little’ with my thumb and forefinger mouthing “poco and then the international sign for prayer with a polite ” por favor” but none of them looked very happy about it. Needless to say I got nothing.

  5. Aww shame. Good effort though! I think with Spain it varies drastically from city to city. I have never had a problem in Granada – but Granada is a pretty special place.

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