Home Growing Update

As you can see the spring grow has been going well, the Northern Lights (from Weedseedshop) is a beautiful thing.

She’s been flowering a few days now (after putting her in a dark room for 13 hours every night.)

I am getting excited about this year’s grow proper. I already got some Jamaican Pearl for my mates roof.

Also I have some Hindu Kush seeds ready and am about to order Himalayan Gold, Durban Poison and Wild Thailand seeds – enough to be going on with I think.

Kannabia BCN Diesel autos are also being put to the test.

Next year outdoors will be Marleys Collie, amongst others, if this year goes well.

I have some pure neem oil, as well as plant invigorator which kills mites and aphids as well as other organic pesticides, so I am ready for battle this year.

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2 thoughts on “Home Growing Update”

  1. Hey nice choice, I would’ve gone with those myself, Thai, Durban, Diesel, jamaican, all stuff I like to smoke.

  2. Only problem is I have to move house… so most of them are not yet planted. Might be time to test late planting..but yes I want to try some landrace varieties. Thai weed was always great – and I think I am yet to smoke Durban..Had some amazing Jamaican weed in Barbados – THAT was a nice sativa!

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