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by dope smoker on August 18, 2010

So, some sad news. I smoked it.

My ‘man’ went awol for a few days and I was left in a pretty desperate situation, as far as weed supply went. The ultimate nightmare. For me anyway.

This was made worse by the fact that I had these plants on the roof that are not far off ready. And I have already called in a few favours locally.

So they suffered. Well a few did. They were unceremoniously chopped down and grilled and smoked. The poor little Purple Jems. They got me out a tight corner though I must say and for that I am grateful. I smoked 2 plants in two days I think.

How was the smoke? It was OK. I could tell it was rushed. All is not lost though.

The best of the three Jems is safe and now drying out properly. Will report back on that one. And I planted some more Jems in bigger pots which look like they are going to be huge. And my white widow/local cross thing is flowering x 3. Could be worse.

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