How much does your weed cost?

by dope smoker on June 2, 2010

I remember in London, skunk cost in the region of £120-£200 an ounce (that’s ~28 grammes) depending on the quality. That’s £5 a gram. Approximately.

An eighth would be about £30.

Hash would be a different scale, normally cheaper. Sometimes as cheap as £60 for an ounce.

So £50 doesn’t get you that much gear in the UK, if you are buying skunk.

‘Normal’ weed I have paid anything from £70 to £120 an ounce for better quality Thai stuff when it is about.

Now I live in Spain and pay 2 euros a gram for lovely buds grown in the sun.

I can still remember my first dealer, he had scales (of course) but used pennies to weigh out quarters and eighths.

What do you pay for weed?

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