How much does your weed cost?

I remember in London, twenty years ago skunk cost in the region of £120-£200 an ounce (that’s ~28 grammes) depending on the quality. That’s around £6 a gram. Approximately.

An eighth would be about £30.

Hash would be a different scale, normally cheaper. Sometimes as cheap as £60 for an ounce. It would be nice to be able to find that these days

So £50 doesn’t get you that much gear in the UK, if you are buying skunk.

‘Normal’ weed I have paid anything from £70 to £120 an ounce for better quality Thai stuff when it is about.

I can still remember my first dealer, he had scales (of course) but used pennies to weigh out quarters and eighths.

How times have changed.

Ten years later the £240 ounce seems standard.

Unless of course you go onto the dark web. £220 ounces are possible if you use somebody like medicine man uk.

What do you pay for weed?

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  1. Where in spain dude! I can only get pollen when im on holiday there! Oh, and its a tenner a gram for skunk in London nowadays mate

  2. Here in Canada, I get half an ounce of sativa/indica blend kush (fresh picked buds) for $140 per half ounce. I also get pure sativa lebanese blonde hash for the same price as kush. That comes out to $10 a gram Canadian. But I get cut some deals once in a while.

  3. weed(skunk) is a piss take price now,im in the uk a place called DEESIDE in a county called FLINTSHIRE,some dealers are are chargeing £20 for as little as 1.2 grams(cheese)others are doing 1.5 an others are doing 2.0grams(no matter what the quality of the bud) an as for the oz there going at around £250-270,an it was only a few year ago people were only paying £120-150 for a oz but since it went from a class c to a class b the prices have shot up,i suppose it is cause the dealers are taking more risk with it being a class b now,an as for the hash it is crap an dose nothing but give you a head ache,good knows whats init for it to taste an smell that bad i never smoke it unless im visiting amsterdam,an hash is very expensive out there’12 euro a gram i paid for some silver mist,the cheapest was zero zero at 6 euros a gram,soft black was about the same but it not so strong.

  4. I am going to be moving to Northampton, Northamptonshire in a few months coming from the USA can someone give me the prices for hash and weed in this area.I like the good stuff like everyone else…I herd hash is cheaper  in the long run.Do you all have methadone in the uk?And if so how much?Please help if u can thanks all!!!


  6. i live in flint, i know what u mean, prices are shite and most of the weed is aswel, until u can find a reliable dealer, we shud meet up for a smke soon init

  7. Mate i can back ben up im from Norfolk and grade is expensive round ther. Now im living in Brighton and its dirt cheap (1/8 for 15 quid)

  8. 17-11-2011,Im in Banbury All you get round here is Shit damp weed thats bin pulled too early and is sold mainly by asian youngsters 1.5 to 2g for £20 fuckin dire it is!!I wont buy it i refuse to pay for there Xpensive trainers and shit!!Im 43 and smkd since i was 13 in the last 10 yrs the scene has completly gone.Is there any old Skool smokers near me who can help me out?Good kleen bud or Proper Hash at proper prices!… SAFE)

  9. £12.50 for 1.25g , £25 for 2.5g, 14g for 125, 28g for 210……. Or go to the wardrobe n grab some delicious homegrown 😛

  10. In Manchester the standard is £20 for 1/8, about £150 for an ounce sounds about right near here but you have to be more careful with some of the scum that attempt to rip you off. . . I know some pretty generous guys though, I’m lucky my boyfriend’s brother grows xD

  11. Sutton in ashfield notts,  some people have been knocking out green at £10 for between 0.4-0.8 and the stuff has been soaking wet and unsmokable.

  12. brighton can be cheap but normally damp asian bollocks for that price.. skunk same as everywhere else to dear lol.. i think everyone here is wishing for an old school link

  13. well in nottingham it’s
     £10 for 10-spot 1.5g
    £25 for a weighed eighth 4g 
    £50 for a weighed quart 8g
    £80 for a half 16g
    £160 for oz 32g


  14. Prices in the UK are just f-ing ridiculous. Back in 2003 you could get an Oz of High Grade, stuff that would give you resin lips, was sticky as hell, actually smelt and smoked like proper Cannabis, for £140.. 120 if you knew the guy. These days it’s £200+ for “high grade”, stuff that isn’t actually A+ anyway. People have gotten really f-ing greedy, it’s all about money and not about quality of the smoke. I hate this country so god damn much.

  15.  Yup, 20/25 pounds a gram in Guernsey and almost impossible to get hold of bud. You always get hash, normally squidgy black. Rip off, and getting sick of it. Very expensive habit

  16. I have been paying between £120-145 for spanking haze & cheese. Bone dry. But that’s the price for a fucking half ounce, I’ve been told 9bars have been going in the regions of £950-1100. Round here you’re LUCKY to get £10 a gram, its more £10 for 0.7g..

  17. I also live in norfolk and im  paying 10 quid a gram, But something ive noticed is that all the weed I buy is skunk, its probably the quality which is hightening the price…

  18. The only way to ensure a regular supply of top quality weed is to ‘ditch the dealer and grow your own’.
    My set-up cost £400 and paid for itself after one harvest! Subsequent grows only cost as much as the electricity and compost used, ie. peanuts!

  19. Dudes that nothing … I’m from Northeast Scotland and the average price for 1.5g is £25. Yeah,you read that right Twenty Five Pounds!!

  20. i agree with this, where I am (portsmouth area) its £10 a gram and quite often 0.8g for a tenner!! but go back a year a tenner would buy you 1.4g every time. But the quality has gone up massively, so the price is sort of justified but sometimes you’ll get the odd standard skunk floating around but its not any cheaper coz they know they can get away with selling it at £10 a gram coz thats what ur already paying.

  21. Well this sucks, down my area I will get 1.6 (if I’m lucky) and be paying £20 for it…. Usually it’s 1.2 :/ But my dealer used to drop off right to my house (I have known him for years) and now, I have to go between 4-6 miles to pick it up :/ He will only drop for a quarter, which to him is somewhere in the region of 3.8- 4.5 grams… And charge me £40- £45 for it :/ Oh and it’s mainly twig…

  22. In Spain I can get real good quality Skunk/Cheese like weed 5 grams for £20, In UK its like £10 for almost nothing like a few (two or three)small buds and the rest grass, some do really good skunk/cheese buds in £20 bags that are a more realistic price for what’s in the bag. I have had really good UK market Skunk an in comparison to Spain, Spain is better value although there will be grass in the bag to a larger degree than UK. These are generalisations, I am trying to remember a general rule and imagine sizes, basically my experience is that in Spain you can get more and now way more in weight that in UK for comparable prices, even when you consider extra plant material involved including sticks and twigs. I started smoking cannabis incidentally when it was Class C before it was Class B, in England the strength has increased and weigh gone down on a general level, the change in law and the need too squeeze the same money out of less locations must be linked. I’d really like to get heavier weights and smoke low potency grass versus smoking pure skunk buds and miss out of the tobacco angle totally. I don’t actually need to get that high, I like to be functional if needs be at any moment.

  23. Hi Matthew thanks for the comment.

    I also live in Spain, been here nearly five years. I get absolutley mind blowing outdoor weed here for 2.5 euros a gram. Everyone grows. My hairdresser grows. His stuff is so good the guy took his own weed to Amsterdam on a plane I kid you not.

  24. it’s £200 per ounce where I used to live in London, but it’s from a cool guy, always over weight, dry buds nicely cured. In Spain it’s not as strong, but grows outdoors, so it’s free : ) Spain is better..

  25. You lucky basterds here in the states I’m paying $50 for 3.5 (that’s only upside) however my beef with the amount I’m paying for a quality of green is outf***ingragous!!!!

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