How much does your weed cost?

I remember in London, twenty years ago skunk cost in the region of £120-£200 an ounce (that’s ~28 grammes) depending on the quality. That’s around £6 a gram. Approximately.

An eighth would be about £30.

Hash would be a different scale, normally cheaper. Sometimes as cheap as £60 for an ounce. It would be nice to be able to find that these days

So £50 doesn’t get you that much gear in the UK, if you are buying skunk.

‘Normal’ weed I have paid anything from £70 to £120 an ounce for better quality Thai stuff when it is about.

I can still remember my first dealer, he had scales (of course) but used pennies to weigh out quarters and eighths.

How times have changed.

Ten years later the £240 ounce seems standard.

Unless of course you go onto the dark web. £220 ounces are possible if you use somebody like medicine man uk.

What do you pay for weed?

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100 thoughts on “How much does your weed cost?”

  1. with the exception of ‘crisis moments’ i refuse to pay more then 5 quid per g.

    but that was before lowryder come to life 🙂


  2. in 90’s you pay no more than £160 for oz of anything….

    Now in Beds/Bucks you get “English” (which is bad home grown)for £20 – 3gramms / or “Dutch” (which is imported skunk or very nice home grown) for £25 – 2.5g-2.8g or £10 – 0.9g-1g. There’s also a lot of fake skunk (i.e the shit with added glass and grit etc). If you want the famous Luton ‘cheese’ it’s at least £220 a oz…

    I’ve heard and seen prices slowly rise to the point where I’ve seen 1 grams of good dutch can go for £15-£20 in north London (and I assume rest of London).

    The smokers stop smuggling and the smugglers stop smoking (and focused on flooding the UK with white and brown).

    To get consistent good quality supply of skunk now-a-days you need to know someone who grows or grow yourself…

  3. Nothing, that’s cos we are in the middle of the most serious drought I have ever come across in 20 years of smoking in North Norfolk. Haven’t had any for 2 months, nightmare!

  4. lowryder#2 + windowsill + a little patience + carbonated water = unbelievable results!

    anyone who hasn’t tried it should spend the pittance it costs for 5 seeds and just do it. no chemicals, no crushed-up florescent bulb sprinkled on it, no sugar water sprayed on it. totally safe, and a damn fine smoke

  5. £200 an ounce in the general Bristol area at the moment; I don’t think that’s too bad a price though as it’s REALLY nice skunk. Weed prices just are what they are these days and there’s no real way of getting around it sadly 🙁

    Got to get me sum Lowryders. Anyone know what average yield per plant per flowering are??

  6. In hampshire its terrible the south of england is the worst place to be for bud. We get ‘standard’ and ‘hi grade’
    standard is £25-3.5g and hi grade is £30-3.5g or £10-1g. Standard is terrible as it’s damp, half-fermented (that shitty fresh, hay, shit taste/smell) and usually leafy. The hi grade is nice but not worth £10 a gram.

  7. @Ben
    1.7 grams for 20 quid usually haze or cheese done outa sumones loftspace lol in liverpool uk , but hash is thing of the past in liverpool its like smoking a brake block off a bicycle lol

  8. I have literally in the last 30 minutes been told £180 for an oz of green in the Derbyshire/East Midlands area, I thought that was pretty steep, never really used to pay more than £120 ish, but recession recession. An oz of black used to be tops £60, but obviously its a different smoke completely.

  9. Picking up a half ounce of White rhino from London tomorrow. £130 FOR A HALF OUNCE!!?!? prices keep climbing, and yeah I guess it IS white rhino so might be worth the money…I hope!

  10. in uk mcr. 0.7=10 1.5=20 210-240 oz (its not what i pay by the way) people just try to sell all types of weed for these prices, there don’t seem to be a grade system for pricing where i am. if its shite u don’t go back, every 1 seems turned on with blue cheese, its just cheese,cheese,cheese the youngsters love it, people just smell it and buy it, simple 🙂

  11. It’s damp/fresh ‘homegrown’ @ £25/3.5g and ‘hi-grade’ (rare) @ £10/1g.
    I’m tired of damp weed!

  12. I have just moved into a new area (North lincs) but don’t know anyone to get some weed from, anyone here from North Lincs that could help me?

  13. Well, I have paid a lot more! My husband has MS, so, not having ever tried to acquire anything before, tried to buy some weed recently. I firstly paid £20 for a small piece of foil….got home and found a little stone inside. Second time, I paid £25 and was then shown the guys knife and he told me to get lost! That’s East London for you!

  14. Sorry to hear that Sally. I’ve been ripped off in London before during difficult times.

    I hope you manage to find something. Maybe think about growing something that has a low smell factor?

  15. Hi. I’ve recently moved to Leeds, don’t know anyone and would like to make a couple of like-minded (!) friends. Would anyone in Leeds like to meet up for a drink and a chat? I’m a nice guy and I don’t bite..:-)

  16. £10 for 0.7g – 1.0g for all high grade buds.
    £10 for 1.2g – 1.7g standard

    £180 per ounce of high grade from a grower

    £220 – £280 from a dealer

    South East, UK

    We need Medical In the UK the prices are getting silly !!!!!!!!

  17. Here in Romania costs go between 40 – 60lei per gram. Most of it is in the mid range. That is to say, not the best but, not crap either.

    As of this post, Lei – Euro converts to: 1lei = 4.08euro.

  18. twenty quid for an henry in sheffield!! we arelucky and have a great dealer, 9 times outa 10great stuff!!!

  19. Alot tend to sell it for £10 per Gram, I tend to sell for £10 / 1.7g Using the old school pennies and half pennies to weigh it up

  20. @HantsHaze
    I’m with you on that one :L Hants has got stupidly expensive for alot of shitty stuff! I know how to get lovely stuff however, but the majority is very poor!

  21. like 20 odd quid 1.6-2 grams here in greater London (Redbridge)

    good quality bud but not aesthetically great – no dro grown stuff I’ve seen 🙁

  22. Now living in London, I now get import non-bricked Thai, £20/3.5g, it has about 5 seeds per 8th but it tastes lovely, fully matured and true Sativa. Compared to Hampshire where it was soaking, immature, shit tasting weed @ £25/3.5g, I’m chuffed. What should I be paying for decent import in London? Where can I get stuff around £50-100oz?

  23. That Thai sounds marvellous. You’re doing well if you can find anything but skunk in London imho. I have paid £70/oz for thai there but I think those days have gone.

  24. @dope smoker
    Yeah, it seems the growers are attempting to pull their males because the Thai isn’t nearly as choc full of seeds as some cheapo imports. When I moved up I went straight to the Afro-Caribbeans, they seem to know the difference (if not the technical names) between Indicas and Sativas. Not hating on fellow whites or anything but most dont know or offer anything except indoor Skunks. Plus I found out that for real nice ‘hi-grade’ the norm in London is like £20/1.5g, wtf?? I am not paying those prices unless I can sit in a Cafe and smoke it with a coffee.

  25. This seems about right.. I’m also in the south east. You can get ripped off harder too if you don’t keep your street smarts and confidence about you.

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