Lowryder Grow – First Life

Lowryder Seedling

Finally, after much fannying around, life has been spotted in my Lowryder plant pot.

I am a total amateur gardener – the thing that appeals to me about these seeds is that you just plant them and they flower!  I do not want to spend half my life testing the PH value of soil, rigging up elaborate pump systems and introducing boy plants to girl plants. I just want to grow a little greenery. If you please.

I tried the the ridiculous paper towel germination thing and got nowhere fast. No point in that crap for me. Only necessary for serious growers, in my opinion. Basically, it may save you putting a dud seed in a plant of compost? I’m not sure that this ‘benefit’ outweighs the issue of replanting seeds and interrupting nature.  Pain in the arse.

In the end I just chucked the five seeds into a large pot of compost, put 5mm of compost on top and watered them randomly. Above are the results of that. Infact, a second baby girl (well it better be) popped up today, so all being well I am on the way to some good green this side of Christmas.

2/5 is better than 0/5.

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5 thoughts on “Lowryder Grow – First Life”

  1. Dude… the reason for germinating in tissue isn’t for serious growers, it makes the whole thing easier. Just do the same thing – in separate pots – when the stop being seeds. I know you bought Fem seeds but ieven so, its still useful to be able to split them if you need to. Looking forward to the next set 😉

  2. I still think it’s easier to just chuck a bunch of seeds in a big pot. But I see your point.

    Like I say I am doing this on a very simple level. Anyway… Number three appeared today! Very pleased about that.

  3. lowryder are great if you’re doing one crop, but the seeds are expensive. happily you can clone cannabis plants in the vegetative stage, thus meaning one mother plant keeps you supplied with clones of your chosen strain.

    Whether lowryder can be cloned I don’t know – their veg/flower cycle is all messed up.

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