Marijuana and Rasta

I joined a Rasta church when I was 20. I am now 57. The Rasta church I joined taught  that Christ and his disciples used marijuana, not wine or grape juice.

They also taught me that if I was looking for God that I had to look for him within, that I was the temple of God, that the spirit was within. They taught that marijuana was a tool for looking within and finding the God within. This made sense to me and I ended up joining the church.

The church was famous back around 1980. BBC and 60 Minutes did segments. Life, Omni, Science, Rolling Stone, and High Times magazine all did articles.

Church members were arrested after caught importing church sacrament into the United States. I ended up doing 5 years in federal prison where I did a lot of the research that went into my first edition of Marijuana and the Bible.

Many liked it so much that they posted it all over the web.

The book goes into thousands of years of history of the religious or spiritual use of marijuana with a special emphasis on biblical passages that the church uses to make its case for marijuana being in the Bible. From the first page where God gave man every herb bearing seed, to the ancient patriarchs talking to God in the cloud of smoking incense, to Moses talking to God in the burning bush and in the book of Revelations to the  tree of life for the healing of the nations.

Marijuana is a spiritual plant for mans healing and ultimately for the healing of the planet. We as a species have to evolve to be our brothers keeper and turn the weapons into plowshares. In the Canadian Le Dain study on marijuana it is associated with peace. The report also stated that marijuana serves a sacramental function in promoting a sense of spiritual community among users.

Marijuana has become the focal point and symbol for solving a most urgent historical crisis. This crisis is none other than man’s separation from his fellowman,and just as disastrous, his separation from himself.

Less restriction, more tolerance, less fear, more compassion, all qualities of higher consciousness, are functions of long-term marijuana use.

Marijuana is not only for the spiritual healing of mankind but also for healing the enviroment of the planet. It  is an annually renewable resource and can provide the overall majority of the  worlds paper, textiles, and energy needs, simultaneously reducing pollution, rebuiliding soil, and cleaning the atmosphere.

by Jeff Brown author of Marijuana and the Bible


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one love Jeff Brown

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