Medical Marijuana and Human Health

There are many around the world who firmly believe that cannabis is the most therapeutically-active and beneficial substance known to mankind. Medical cannabis can be safely considered as an antiemetic – a drug that is recommended by many physicians; alternatively, it can also be considered as herbal therapy.

Historic Evidence

The history of medical applications of cannabis goes back as much as 4,000 years. Some of the scripts from ancient Indian prove that the psychoactive properties of cannabis were detected during those times and doctors used these elements for different ailments and illnesses. Some of the common issues were related to pain, childbirth, gastrointestinal problems, headaches and even insomnia.

Medical Applications

Many herbal/Ayurveda doctors around the globe also use marijuana and/or its extracts fortreating muscle spasms, chronic pain, nausea, weight loss, optimizing body metabolism, and maintaining interlobular pressure in the eyes. Most of these applications of cannabis were realized thousands of years ago. Many modern doctors also prescribe marijuana to people suffering from AIDS as cannabis can help the patients in dealing with vomiting sensations due to medications, loss of appetite, and nausea. Cannabis is also known to slow-down the growth of cancer in a human body, plus it also fights the different side effects caused by medications, and cancer treatments.

Marijuana Assists in Preventing Epileptic Seizures

Marijuana also helps in preventing epileptic seizures and thus it has been approved as a treatment option even for epilepsy. Patients who suffer from obsession, anxiety or depression are also sometimes recommended marijuana.

Treating Anxiety and Suppressing Psychological Disorders

Mild anxiety is something that most people on heavy medications suffer from, at one point or the other, and cannabis can just swing your mood upside down and fill you with positive energy. Many psychological problems and obsessions can also be suppressed with the help of marijuana. People have eating disorders, with some of them starting to eat more and more when they are upset. With right marijuana treatment, even such eating obsession can be taken care of.

As an Alternative Therapy

Modern psychiatrists suggest marijuana as an alternate therapy that should be taken along with the regular psychiatric therapy. Patients suffering from glaucoma that is caused by uneven internal eye pressure can take marijuana for relief.

As a Pain Killer

Marijuana relieves the pain along with slowing down the condition and in some cases stopping it altogether. Pain caused due to disorders or injuries can also be suppressed with cannabis. Those who suffer from multiple sclerosis often experience side effects like spasticity, unsteadiness, tremors, muscle pain etc; all of these can be treated with mild intake of marijuana.

Fighting Other Dangerous Addictions

Many ex–addicts have also testified that marijuana helps fight the addiction of other more dangerous drugs. Some of the cannabis are said to have similar properties and thus similar effects as that of ibogaine, which is a medicine used for treating heroin addiction.

Healing Effect

The cannabinoids present in cannabis give the same healing effect of a natural chemical in a human brain known as Anandimide.

Above all, medical marijuana also helps in upholding a person spiritually, and psychologically.  These herbs help you in relieving your true self and becoming true to yourself.  This in turn helps people understand themselves better and become a better person in life!

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