Nick Clegg to Change UK Cannabis Laws?

The deputy prime minister of the UK coalition government Nick Clegg has thrown down the gauntlet to the general public to tell him about laws they want changed.

Yes really.

He has even opened a website (which went down under overload yesterday) where you can go and voice your opinions.

I have to say the cannabis section is looking highly encouraging. I am not getting excited however.

If Clegg and Cameron change the cannabis laws in the UK I will eat my hat, live on the Internet.

Any self respecting cannabis smokers in the UK should get on the site now and tell them what you think. I am amazed.

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1 thought on “Nick Clegg to Change UK Cannabis Laws?”

  1. CANNABIS is SAFE , u can live a more than forfilling life with ether minimal or no side affects wilst curing other illnesses. And maybe leglising it would cut down all the violent disstcrutive drunks n crack heads we have and turn them into melo level headed humuns!!!!

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