No more fags for me


I still find it entertaining that ‘smoking fags’ in English means something entirely different in the US.

So after about 20 years I finally stopped smoking fags (cigarettes) a few months back. This is how I smoke hashish now. It works, but is not ideal. Kind of an up and a down at the same time.

Anyone got any better ideas?

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3 thoughts on “No more fags for me”

  1. Seems like a good and tasty idea. I don’t know how you used the tobacco? In Denmark we toast the tobacco, to remove the nicotine and probably other toxins. It gives the hash joint a smooth taste

  2. Yes I used to do that on occasion 🙂

    I was just smoking the hash with the tobacco in a spliff.

    There’s obviously the herbal tobacco route, but it tastes like shit…local weed is a nicer option.

  3. Weed is a nicer option, I agree. I would go for that too, if the price was right. But unfortunately the weed is expensive, so tobacco is my only option at the moment.

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