Professor Nutt calls for UK cannabis review, suggests cafes

The heroic and recently sacked head of the UK drugs advisory body (ACMD), David Nutt, has called for a review of cannabis with a view to decriminalisation and even the prospect of opening up cannabis cafes. Nutt was sacked because the government didn’t like what he said.

Read the story at the BBC.

Recent news has revealed that Nutt learned of his imminent sacking from the BBC, who were told by the home office that his position was under review. Charming!

There is a program on BBC Radio 4 this evening about the row, examining the government’s stance. Podcast here.

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2 thoughts on “Professor Nutt calls for UK cannabis review, suggests cafes”

  1. Dear Dope-Smoker

    Brain cannabis receptors reached only, or more to the point properly,
    through the digestive system.

    Is this true?

    I am interested in the effects of entheogens on humans and I am curious as to whether a human was made to function on natural THC, or whether human use of THC by eating led to the formation of the receptors in the brain.

    I am trying to show that humans were made by God to function with THC and other cannabinoids but only when injested throught the digestive system.

    I state that all the mental problems some people experience are due to the fact that they smoke the natural, extremely powerful antioxidant cannabinoids, rather than by digestion.

    Think about it. How long has man smoked? From the 15th.century.
    My point is that thick, stupid governments who do not know what they are talking about, made pot illegal so that they could make billions from alcohol and tobacco. If the world made pot legal, WHICH IT DAMM WELL SHOULD !!!, they would lose that revenue.

    What is your opinion and where can I read further on the subject?

    Yours sincerely
    Pierre Goj

  2. My opinion is that it is continuously smoking certain types of very strong skunk that sends you mad, and I am pretty sure that would happen if you eat it too.

    The same would also happen if you continuously drank fine whiskey I am sure. Though the whiskey would fuck you up physically, unlike the weed.

    I also think you will have trouble showing ‘humans are made by god’ but each to their own.

    For reading try
    and here. And here using marijuana to search

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