Getting ripped off buying weed

Let me set the scene.

I just moved out of the UK to a small sunny village in southern Europe. Somewhere where English people exist only in small numbers. It’s nice.

I can get weed or lovely hash easily by taking a 30 minute drive to a local town. I know a good guy. It’s a bit of a chore though.

So a few weeks back I meet someone through a local friend who can supply some quite nice weed, grown here, yards from my house. I bung her 50 euros and get quite a nice big bag of weed. I didn’t weigh it (no scales…doh) but I clearly remember how much weed it was. Probably just over half an ounce.

So I do it again, ask her again for 50 euros worth.

And what do I get? This time it looks like just a bit more than a quarter, at best. What the fuck?

I get over this, figure it must be a mistake, or a one off. Like a fool, I go back.

Same again.

Once bitten, twice shy, three times a twat!

Thing is I don’t want to piss her off. She’s just trying to make a living out of the English man, clearly.

But what would you say to her? What should I say to her about this?

(any good answers, I may use…)

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4 thoughts on “Getting ripped off buying weed”

  1. Damn, I know exactly what you’re talking about here. In fact it’s one of the main reasons we invested in a good home grow kit. Being self sufficient in cannabis and avoiding the need to make those kind of transactions with friends and even worse, strangers has been a joy.

    My approach in this situation would be to go round there with some kind of non-weed related offering, such as some food or something. With a smile & some generosity on your side to show you’re not really angry, you’d just like to hear the explanation.

    Just ask if her perception of the three deals is the same as yours.

    Maybe the trick is not to think about it too much before hand. Keep an open mind, a smile on your mush and just ask perhaps?

  2. It sucks to get ripped off, that’s too bad.

    As someone who used to sell chronic for a living, I do want to suggest that maybe they were different kinds of bud? Sometimes I would get really light, fluffy stuff that would look like way more than it was in the baggie. Then the next batch would be really tight, heavy, dense buds that looked tiny in comparison, but weighed the same. I always worried that people thought I was ripping them off, when I wasn’t.

    If she is shorting you just ask politely exactly what her rates are based on weight, and could you maybe see her weigh it out? If you come across as honestly just curious/confused, instead of accusatory, she will probably explain. Or, at the very least she will know that you’ve noticed and stop ripping you off.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts.

    It was the same gear, the local stuff.

    Luckily. I’ve got plenty of other options.

    I’m totally certain she was gaming me to see what she could get away with. And that doesn’t make me want to make things right really.

  4. What you should do mate is tell her that you want the same amount that you got the first time.And you will give her some extra money or weed for getting it whatever she wants.Also as an ex dealer myself I know the first time or two when getting someone new I would hook them up with the best deal possible.So they would come back and slowly raise the price or take a bud or 2 out of the bag.I am almost sure this is what has been done to you.But TokenToker has a good point grow your own save a ton of money but if you dont want to take the risks try to tell your friend that she needs to give u more or lower the price because you can get it somewhere cheaper.Dont try to make it a crazy price she cant match but u might be able to knock the price down a bit.Take it easy i hope this helps

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