Getting ripped off buying weed

by dope smoker on December 17, 2009

Let me set the scene.

I just moved out of the UK to a small sunny village in southern Europe. Somewhere where English people exist only in small numbers. It’s nice.

I can get weed or lovely hash easily by taking a 30 minute drive to a local town. I know a good guy. It’s a bit of a chore though.

So a few weeks back I meet someone through a local friend who can supply some quite nice weed, grown here, yards from my house. I bung her 50 euros and get quite a nice big bag of weed. I didn’t weigh it (no scales…doh) but I clearly remember how much weed it was. Probably just over half an ounce.

So I do it again, ask her again for 50 euros worth.

And what do I get? This time it looks like just a bit more than a quarter, at best. What the fuck?

I get over this, figure it must be a mistake, or a one off. Like a fool, I go back.

Same again.

Once bitten, twice shy, three times a twat!

Thing is I don’t want to piss her off. She’s just trying to make a living out of the English man, clearly.

But what would you say to her? What should I say to her about this?

(any good answers, I may use…)

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