No more fags for me

I still find it entertaining that ‘smoking fags’ in English means something entirely different in the US. So after about 20 years I finally stopped smoking fags (cigarettes) a few months back. This is how I smoke hashish now. It works, but is not ideal. Kind of an up and a down at the same … Read more

World Chart of Cannabis Use

You may remember the marvellous world map of cannabis use, from not long ago. Well I found some new data, and present you with this beautiful chart. Go Canada! And what is going on in Papua New Guinea, really? Some sort of sensible local control of the plant? And why is Jamaica so low? Below … Read more

Where’s the bloody hash?

Where’s the bloody hash? I had an interesting morning today. I got up from my extremely tolerant girlfriend’s side, and slunk into the lounge  to partake in a saturday morning smoke, before grabbing a bit more sleep. Something I  do a lot. It’s nice. The previous night had been a very pleasant one with some … Read more

The Magic of Granada

Thinking of trip to Spain? May I suggest Granada? I’ve been to quite a few cities – but this one has something special.  It was almost like leaving Europe. The last hang out of the moorish before the christians tried to kick them out – strong links with Morocco – are you getting my drift? … Read more

Waiting for the dealer

It’s a funny feeling, waiting for the dealer. I’m fortunate to have a delivery type person. He’s very good actually. I put the call in and he’s normally around in less than an hour. Not bad really. Whilst his prices can’t really be described as competitive, he provides an excellent service. Plus, he delivers – … Read more

Memories of Manali

There’s some great hash in India. As well as plenty of other amazing things. If you are a toker, however, then you are going to want to check it out. I have fond memories of hanging out in a great little place called Vashisht, above Manali in the Kulu Valley. I went there for 5 … Read more