Changing attitudes to cannabis around the world – by country

A little research on Google just blew me away – we have a worldwide movement on our hands here.  It’s not just the US and Uruguay! Check out what’s been happening around the globe – country names link to further information: Argentina “Argentina has given the first sign that Uruguay’s groundbreaking cannabis reform just may … Read more

A Holiday Guide for Cannabis Smokers

Now that cannabis is becoming more accepted around the world, here’s a breakdown of weed friendly countries to bear in mind when planning your ideal stoner holiday.  There’s more than you might think: . Albania Approximately two people a year are prosecuted here for cannabis related issues. . Africa I hear that Cape Town is pretty … Read more

Cannabis Policy: Moving beyond stalemate

A new book about the failings of the current cannabis laws, as well as possible ways forward has just been published by a group of drug experts. Called “Cannabis Policy: Moving Beyond Stalemate” the book cites scientific research from different countries and suggests it is time for the world to review laws regarding cannabis. There’s … Read more

Get stoned at a US ski resort

More marijuana decriminalisation – at US ski resort. The US is really leading the way forward in sensible marijuana policy. In Breckenridge, a ski resort in Colorado it is now legal to have up to one ounce of marijuana on you without fear of prosecution. How very very sensible. Interstingly, the resort is popular with … Read more

UK ignores scientific advice on cannabis, sacks chief adviser

In an audacious move that has swept waves of discontent across the scientific community, the UK home secretary Alan Johnson has sacked the chair of the ACMD (Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs ) by letter because the government don’t like what he said. Professor Nutt had worked for the ACMD for over a … Read more