UK softens stance on medical cannabis users?

Has the UK softened its attitude to medical cannabis users? It would appear so. CLEAR UK have been interpreting new sentencing guidelines released by the government that come into action on 27 February 2011. For growing less than 9 plants, where there is a medical condition sentences are recommended from a discharge to a ‘medium … Read more

Can you buy Sensi Seeds in the UK?

Sensi Seeds, one of Europe’s finest cannabis seed banks, is based in Amsterdam, Holland. As Holland is vaguely connected with cannabis, some UK residents have expressed worry about ordering seeds from there – really there is no problem. I have done so many times without issue. If the police tracked and investigated every pack of cannabis seeds … Read more

Can I grow cannabis outdoors in the UK?

Yes you can! An amazing amount of cannabis does grow without problem outside in the UK! And as we know weed that has been grown in the sun is always going to be better than weed grown using artificial lighting. Guerilla growing (growing weed in the ‘wild’) is quite popular – costs are low and … Read more

Inside Out London – BBC Cannabis Documentary

The recent BBC feature on medical cannabis use in the UK. European law allows a certified dutch medical marijuana user to smoke weed whilst in the UK! That’s right. UK law allows cannabis smoking in the UK under special circumstances. Includes the well named Dr Willy Notcutt.  More info about this ongoing situation here. httpvh://