The Economist says Cannabis has been decriminalised in UK

Not very long ago, the UK sentencing council changed their guidelines for those found guilty of growing their own cannabis is in the UK. You can read the document yourself here.

Some took this as the great news it seems to be.

And others didn’t.


The Economist (one of the few decent remaining publications in the UK) ran this article stating virtually exactly the same thing.

“Quietly, cannabis has in effect been decriminalised in Britain”

They even ran it in their print edition which reaches millions around the world.

These guidelines are brand new and clearly haven’t filtered down to all concerned yet, but this appears to be a small step in the right direction.

Regardless of what people are saying the sentencing guidelines have changed, and you can quote these guidelines if you should find yourself in front of a court, which, you really should not now if you have just a few plants for yourself. If you’re growing for medical reasons there’s even less chance you should find yourself in trouble.

Think about it – do you really see the UK government (especially the current one) putting up a big sign to say ‘Weed is OK now, grow away’. This is not going to happen.

This unfortunately is about the best we can expect from these muppets.

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