Top Ten Toking Countries of Europe

Percentage of population who smoke cannabis

So – the Danes lead Europe in cannabis consumption. Well done guys keep up the good work. Shame about Christiana.

Not that amazing that the UK are in third place. We’ve struggled for many years to attain such heights in the face of archaic laws. As for the french, well, they are just french.

Italy was a bit of a surprise to me actually – clearly not all Italians spend their time on motorcycles, some of them are getting stoned.

Interesting to see the Netherlands, where weed is freely available much lower down the table.


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3 thoughts on “Top Ten Toking Countries of Europe”

  1. Christiana is has risen to the challange after the police and new goverment choose to take action. Every goverment since its beginning have basiclly had the sam opinion, but newer taken action. They did in 2004.

    But the pushers and day to day people out there started up again a few weeks later. Now there are stands again, around 15 of them, with skunk,hash,pot etc. many official guesses have been made, but around the 7-10kg a day sold are not too low imo. And with no limit to amounts its still the only free(unlimited) cannabis market place in europe.

    Only bad thing is that the majority of the old pushers, the hippies that didnt care about having a huge profit have not come back since the police came in a removed all the stands. This means worse quality and higher prices. A few still remains and its always them that have the longest queues.

    A must if your just near copenhagen. But be aware police still makes raids, once or twice a week. They usually stay for 2-4 hours and then leave, 1 hour later everybody is back and most pushers within 10 mins, the police are not violent unless provoked, just walks around and makes sure no selling are going on.

  2. Thanks for the comment – I was wondering if you Danes were still holding out there, I visited a couple of years ago.

    The police came whilst I was there and everyone just put their spliffs away.

    That’s great news 🙂

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