Waiting for the dealer


It’s a funny feeling, waiting for the dealer. I’m fortunate to have a delivery type person. He’s very good actually. I put the call in and he’s normally around in less than an hour. Not bad really.

Whilst his prices can’t really be described as competitive, he provides an excellent service. Plus, he delivers – to my door.

So I will have to shortly (i hope) jump out into the street and into his car to do the do. All very furtive.  I wish I didn’t have to duck and dive.

And I wish he’d hurry up.

Yes I still get a little excited too, it’s weird. I’m sure if it was legal here I wouldn’t have that feeling. Hmmm. Hurry up mate.

And finally he arrived.

So I’m set for another week or so. Hurrah.

Half an ounce of hash and a quarter of some very expensive skunk this time. Time to get stoned.

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