West Yorkshire Police Mistake Stove for Cannabis Factory


Congratulations to the West Yorkshire Police for breaking down poor Colin Rowe’s workshop door in Huddersfield. Their “intelligence” was clearly not that intelligent.

Instead of a cannabis factory, they found a wood burning stove.

Keep up the good work chaps. It’s nice to know my taxes are being used for such useful work that the whole community benefits from.

They didn’t even clean up the mess they made:

“There was a brush and shovel right by the door so, if they’d had any compassion, they would have at least swept up the mess.”

Full article at the Telegraph.


Turns out this kind of thing has happened before.

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4 thoughts on “West Yorkshire Police Mistake Stove for Cannabis Factory”

  1. Y’know, I always thought folks bitching about the UK “nanny state” were going a bit far … the shit your own government pulls just seems worse than the neighbors or something. This really takes the cake though.

    Excellent ranting fodder though, so thanks for that. :-\

  2. It’s good to see our police keeping up the good work of preventing these dangerous criminals damaging the environment by burning wood without the express permission of our government.

    After all we wouldn’t want them actually busting anyone who was smoking cannabis 🙂

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