What is a Vaporizer? And why you should have one


Aromatherapy has been used for ages to reduce the symptoms of many diseases. It’s safe and gentle.

And even though many of us associate it with our grandmothers’ methods, the experience of many generations have shown that there are very few methods of alternative healing or relaxation that work as effectively as aromatherapy.

Thanks to vaporization, aromatherapy has become even healthier, more discreet and economical, Let’s have a look at vaporizers – how they work and why you should have one.

Aromatherapy is a simple and inexpensive way to improve your mood and wellbeing. Many people who use this type of phytotherapy note significant benefits to their health. In the last few years, the market started offering devices that let you enjoy the benefits of the herbs to a much larger extent, whether it’s for medical or recreational purposes. Those devices are called vaporizers and their efficiency cannot be compared to any other method of enjoying herbs. Traditional smoking, infusions or tinctures will never match the experience of vaporizing herbs.

Vaporizer – how to use it?

When you vaporize herbs, all their active substances get released into the vapor. However, the organic material doesn’t get burnt. This means that there is no smoke, no tar substances or ash. All these benefits translate into huge savings – due to the herbs not being burnt, vaporization is much more economical than smoking, especially if you use the leftovers from vaporization as an ingredient in your home cooking. Since the herbs don’t get burnt, the flavor of the mix stays the same. The vapor you get is mild, pleasant and doesn’t irritate the throat.

“This method of aromatherapy is very comfortable. The devices come in various sizes so you can also use the device when you travel or go for a walk. Small vaporizers fit into your bag or a backpack. Desktop vaporizers are larger but they guarantee more power and efficiency” – says Ryszard Fazowski from www.vapefully.com. The people around you are not able to notice the aroma of the herbs, which is not the case when you smoke. Not all your housemates feel like inhaling the intense smoke. Luckily, with vaporization you can forget about this problem. You inhale the vapor through a mouthpiece (portable vaporizers) or a tube or a balloon (desktop vaporizers).

Vaporization for medical and recreational purposes

Vaporization lets you rediscover herbs. You can use various blends to reduce the symptoms of numerous diseases. A vaporizer will help those who suffer from migraines, have cough attacks or asthma.

More advanced users like experimenting with various blends for vaporizing and they make their own mixes of a unique flavor and strength. What types of herbs can you vaporize? Chamomile, hop, thyme, peppermint, Icelandic moss, plantago lanceolata, valerian or lemon balm are just some examples that can be used for vaporization.

The experiments that involve vaporization of herbs can be great fun and there are more and more people who want to try this experience. Vaporization is great for reducing stress. Competitions and shows in which vaping fans try to make the biggest possible cloud have become really popular at house parties. The best devices for it are the ones that generate think and intense vapor that resembles smoke from traditional smoking.

Phytotherapy is gaining a new life thanks to vaporization. Young people who use vaporizers have stopped stuffing their bodies with toxic tar substances and reach for natural herbs. This way they enjoy all the advantages of aromatherapy in order to improve their health and wellbeing.

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