What is the Best THC Vape Pen For Sale in Europe?

Whilst our friends across the pond have innumerable choices online for ordering magical little vape pens, as usual, in Europe the situation is a little different.

Yes, you could try your luck ordering 10/10s from the US, but it’s quite possibly not worth the stress and huge delivery fee to get your THC vape delivered. Transatlantic deliveries are always subject to more attention.

The good news is that THC vapes do seem to be pretty much impossible to detect in the mail.

Even if these superb products are discovered by our highly misguided and unempathetic authorities, testing is required to ascertain just what they are dealing with. 

Bottom line is, these little things are uber-safe to order online, and subtle enough to use in the supermarket, but whereabouts do you actually get them from?

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Limited but Established EU Ordering Options

So if you are based in the EU what are you to do? 

Fortunately, we now have an operator in the EU who can supply top end THC pens with an exceptional choice of flavours, just check out some of their Trustpilot reviews here:


Vader have been operation in EU for well over a year and their service and product line is second to none. I recently ordered from them and the stealth and product itself are top end. 

Deliveries are dispatched from the Netherlands in a prompt and business like fashion, reaching most of Europe in 3-10 days. 

vader reviews

Here’s a quick breakdown of the popular types of vape from Vader, these are in the classics category:

  • Pineapple haze
  • Gelato N⋅41
  • Zkittlez
  • Lemon Twist
  • Blueberry Cookies
  • Green Duo Pack

There are also other THC pens listed under the ‘Exotics’ section as follows:

  • California Orange
  • Kush Mints
  • Lavender Jones
  • London Pound Cake
  • Purple Crack
  • Orange Duo Pack

If you are based in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland or Germany then Vader are the perfect choice for getting hold of high quality THC vape pens. Visit their website here.

vader zkittlez

Delivery from the UK to the EU?

Another option you have to get a THC vape delivered to you in Europe is to use Medicine Man in the UK for 10/10s.

Whilst this may sound a little crazy at first, I know for a fact that plenty of their products have been reaching European destinations without fuss.

A friend in France uses them for all his weed, and has not had a problem so far and was charged tax once.

So vape pens should be no problem in the post from the UK, if you prefer that route for some reason.

You can find out more about ordering with these guys here.

miracle alien cookies 1010

But How Long Do These Vape Pens Last?

Obviously this depends a lot on use. If you spend all day sucking on this thing then you could probably use it up in a day, but you probably wouldn’t be very well afterwards. A bit like drinking a bottle of fine whisky in one day.

The first time I had one of these vapes (actually a 10/10) I was remarkably worried about how long I would take to get through it.  I didn’t need to be it ended up lasting me for weeks!

I’m what some might class as a serious cannabis smoker, but I can get through a day on 3 or 4 pure weed spliffs if I have to. More is normally better.

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A few puffs of one of these a day had a similar, if not more intense effect. And the tastes are just wonderful. Without the stinky smoke that so many people still resent.

So the answer is, if you are careful, these last many weeks, so the economics work fine. You can be stoned for a very long time, and with a lot less hassle than normal.

As you use the device, after some time you can see the amount of liquid going down as air slowly appears to replace the vape liquid, this way you can see the rate you are consuming your lovely cannabinoids.

But What About Potency?

One toke from one of these vapes, for me, is pretty similar to smoking a pure weed reefer in terms of effect. 

The effect seems to be much more substantial than for example vaping normal cannabis flower in an Arizer solo or something decent.

So they’re definitely as strong as smoking normal weed, if not more strong. Especially if you have a couple of goes on them. So take it easy and start slowly. You will notice the effects, without a doubt.

I tend to go for the stronger varieties like Zkittlez, which pretty much guarantees a decent kick, though I was also lucky enough to try ‘Alien Cookies’ from 10/10 vapes.

This was a beautiful and long lasting focussed high, that deserves the rave reviews.

If you want to mix things up a bit having two of these devices really does give you some strong stoned effects.

And with the different choices available you can choose something uplifting in the daytime, and something more potent in the evening. Heavenly.

Here’s a review from a helpful chap in the US (I think) comparing Vape pens and flower.

I did some analysis on the video comments, and as you can see, out of around 900 comments most people who commented still have a preference for cannabis flower.

‘Dab Pens’ as they are called here (as opposed to vape pens or THC pens) do have significant positive support, however:

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It’s clear from the YouTube comments that many people who live in apartment settings, or perhaps with their parents, find pens preferable for their effective stealth function.

I have found this myself, there’s definitely some times in life when you cannot burn a reefer (sadly) and if you want to be covered in these situations then these things are irreplaceable.

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